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India's seafood industry, shaken up by new mandatory registration

Red tape threatens Indian seafood exports

By Ankush Chibber

A new bureaucratic diktat in India is threatening to derail the country’s thriving seafood trade – despite the vehement protests from other government agencies.

India considers removing its wheat export controls

Indian government may remove controls on wheat exports

By Ankush Chibber

India may soon see a final policy move that would lead to the government stepping back and removing its controls on the exports of wheat products, a move that until now has been a utopian dream for local farmers and millers.

Salt-tolerant durum wheat variety developed in Australia

Salt-tolerant durum wheat to drive yields, Australia

By Kacey Culliney

Australian scientists have developed a salt-tolerant durum wheat variety that can increase yields by 25% in salty soils; the most significant environmental issue facing Australian agriculture today, according to CSIRO.

Australians prefer local foods: Report

Australians prefer local foods: Report

By Ankush Chibber

A preference for local food among Australian consumers could offer Australian food processors a way to rejuvenation after a turbulent period where they have been pounded by cheap food imports.

Spotlight on retailer power in Australia

Australia: New report flags retail giant dominance

By Ankush Chibber

A government report in Australia has highlighted how heavily the two top supermarkets - Woolworths and Coles - are dominating the country’s food supply chain right up to the consumer’s grocery basket.

Decision soon to be made on Indian sugar deregulation

India sweetens up on sugar deregulation in 2012

By Ankush Chibber

The Indian government is firm on sugar decontrol and would step back from this sector by the end of this year, a top official on the committee in charge of deregulation said.

Listening to consumers: Coles removes added MSG and artificial colours from own brands

Coles ‘goes natural’ for consumers

By Kacey Culliney

Consumer concerns are proving increasingly powerful in influencing food and beverage formulation decisions, and Australian supermarket Coles is the latest to react and remove all added MSG and artificial colourings from its own brands.

Thai sugar company Mitr Phol secures controlling stake in Aussie mill

Thai sugar giant secures majority stake in Aussie mill

By Kacey Culliney

Thai sugar company, Mitr Phol, has secured a majority stake of 57.69% in Australian sugar mill MSF for A$300m, racking up the total foreign investment in Australia’s sugar production to over 60%.

Multi-level integrated approach to water management in India is essential: Study

Water management in India – is it your problem?

By Kacey Culliney

Food and beverage manufacturers will have a key role to play in water management and food security across India as the projected impacts of climate change take hold across agricultural land, finds a new study.

China to inspect vegetable oil units in India

China to inspect Indian oil units after oil meal ban

By Ankush Chibber

China is readying to send a team to inspect Indian vegetable oil units days after it ordered a ban on the import of rapeseed meal, soybean meal, and oil meal from its South Asian neighbor, industry sources said.

India closer to deregulating its sugar industry

PM pushes India toward sugar deregulation move

By Ankush Chibber

India has taken a step closer to deregulating its sugar industry with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh constituting a special panel to discuss and examine issues around removing government controls from the sector.

South Korea to clamp down on long working hours in food sector

South Korea stamps down on excessive work in its food sector

By Kacey Culliney

South Korea's Ministry of Employment and Labour is taking fire at food companies whose employees are working excessive weekly hours as well as weekends in a bid to improve lifestyles, ensure maximum productivity and create more jobs.

A tag that needs review

Made in Australia? Feed it to the sharks…

By Kacey Culliney

‘Made in Australia’ is not always what it says on the tin and this effectively dilutes claims made by Australian manufacturers who use 100% local ingredients, according to the MD of BuyAustralianMade.

Genomics are unlocking salt-ready rice potential, say researchers

Salt tolerant rice for Tsunami soils ready within two years

By Kacey Culliney

A method for marker-assisted breeding, conceived in 2009 through a collaborative research project between the UK and Japan, is now focused on developing rice breeds tolerant to salt-sodden Japanese soils following the Tsunami last year.

Strikes in New Zealand's Auckland port threaten food sector

Auckland port strikes threatens Kiwi food sector

By Ankush Chibber

Strikes at Auckland ports are forcing food manufacturers and traders to look at alternate locations for their businesses, according to New Zealand industry sources.

China has finally implemented national nutrition labelling laws, effective in 2013

China standardises nutrition labelling guidelines

By Jennifer Phang

In a bid to create unified standards and transparency across packaged products in China, the Ministry of Health has issued nutritional labelling standards, set to commence in January, 2013.

Aggressive insecticide marketing, main driver to misuse causing pest plagues

Pest plagues drive Asian insecticide marketing crackdown

By Kacey Culliney

Unregulated insecticide marketing in Asia is driving overuse and misuse by farmers leading to widespread pest infestations and damaging millions of tonnes of rice each year, according to industry experts.

Indian edible oil processors want change in 2012

Indian edible oil processors want change in 2012

By Ankush Chibber

The Indian edible oil industry is banking on a slew of corrective measures in 2012 to revive its fortunes after the last year ended on a downhill thanks to changes in the Indonesian palm oil tax structure.

Stevia Corp enters research partnership to encourage cultivation in Vietnam

Stevia: Economically viable in Vietnam

By Kacey Culliney

US farm management company, Stevia Corp, has signed an agreement with a Vietnamese research institute to strengthen knowledge of stevia cultivation and crop management to drive production in the country.

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