2019/2020 Editorial Calendar

Editorial Schedule and Features List

FoodNavigator-Asia Editorial Calendar 2019
July 2019E-commerce
August 2019Plant-based protein and clean meat
September 20191. Clean label
2. Dispatches from FI Asia
October 20191. Middle East Spotlight (Gulfood Manufacturing pre-show)
2. Reformulation in focus
November 20191. Flavour trends
2. Processing innovations
December 2019Sustainability
January 2020Asia's dairy evolution
February 2020Reformulation and fortification
March 2020Supply chain and traceability solutions
April 2020FIC post-show
May 20201. Asia's beverage innovation 
2. APAC's processing and packaging trends 
June 2020Fighting food fraud and enhancing food safety
July 20201. Asia's bakery and snacking advances
2. Sugar reduction, natural sweeteners and the War on Diabetes
August 20201. Colours innovations
2. FI Asia pre-show
September 20201. Clean label developments
2. FI Asia post-show
October 2020Plant-based protein innovation
November 2020Flavour trends in Asia 
December 2020Sustainability solutions: From oils to cocoa, soy to rice

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Regional Sales Manager – APAC: Sue Ann Peh

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