Environmental legislation to ensure NZ sheep and beef sectors' remains competitive

Environmental laws set to hit NZ livestock farmers

By Chloe Ryan

Increased environmental regulation will have a significant impact on New Zealand’s sheep and beef farmers as well as their dairy counterparts, according to new research by Rabobank.

The five-year plan allows for highly skilled farmers to operate large farms and improve productivity

Chinese five-year plan impacts on meat industry

By Chloe Ryan

China’s 13th five-year plan, published by the government in Beijing, has revealed policies that could have major benefits for meat and animal feed exporting nations around the world.

Chinese diets are changing, with more of a focus on meat

Regional Analysis

Major urban centres lead China's growing appetite for meat

By Wang Fangqing, in Shanghai

As China continues to urbanise, more Chinese consumers, especially in major cities, are adopting Westernised lifestyles, moving away from their previous vegetable-based diets towards meat-based meals. 

Food safety was the focus at the recent GFSI event

Chinese food safety law examined

By Chloe Ryan

Food safety professionals from around the world gathered in Beijing this week for an event focused on implementing China’s new food safety law, which came into effect last month. 

China has begun importing cattle from Australia

Australia begins live cattle exports to China

By Chloe Ryan

China has begun importing live cattle from Australia, following a landmark deal signed back in July that opened the doors to China’s beef market for Australian producers. 

The weakening Australian dollar is proving to be an advantage to the meat industry

Weak Australian dollar helps meat industry

By Chloe Ryan

The weak Australian dollar throughout 2015 has worked in the favour of its red meat industry, Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) has said, cementing its position as a net red meat exporting nation. 

Yum! has separated the Chinese division of its business

Yum! separates China business

By Chloe Ryan

The $31 billion company behind KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell has announced plans to divide its business into two publicly traded companies, with its business in China run as a separate entity from its franchises in the rest of the world. 

Shanghai Maling's shareholders have voted to move forward with the Silver Ferns Farms deal

Shanghai Maling pushes forward with Silver Ferns Farms deal

By Chloe Ryan

China’s leading meat processor Shanghai Maling Aquarius Group is one step closer to taking a 50% stake in New Zealand’s Silver Fern Farms, after shareholders voted with an 82% majority in favour of the deal. 

Online commerce is one of the focuses of China's new advertising law

New laws put pressure on Chinese meat firms

By Mark Godfrey

China’s meat companies are feeling the strain of extra regulations, with a triple whammy of new laws increasing the costs of compliance according to industry executives and analysts.

One project developed a performance enhancer pre-mix for weaned pigs

Progress on Australian pork projects

By Rod Addy

Australian projects to improve pig nutrition, enhance weaner performance and increase reproduction and enrich the lives of group housed sows are at various stages of development and commercialisation. 

Mongolia has high hopes for its cattle export market

Mongolia sets out hopes for large-scale beef exports

By Vladislav Vorotnikov

This winter Mongolia hopes to send 10.4 million head of cattle to slaughter, including 5.6m for export purposes, which would bring the country’s export volumes to 126,300 tonnes (t). According to the country’s Agriculture Ministry, the total livestock...

Flooding in New Zealand has damaged over 800 rural properties

Flooding costs farmers NZ$70m

By Chloe Ryan

Flooding on New Zealand’s north island in June cost the farming industry NZ$70 million, a report published by the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) has estimated. 

Beef + Lamb New Zealand is looking for a new chief executive to replace Dr Scott Champion

Beef + Lamb NZ chief executive to step down

By Aaron McDonald

Dr Scott Champion is due to step down from his position as chief executive and to leave Beef + Lamb New Zealand at the end of March 2016, following 10 years with the country’s industry body. 

Faisal Feeds is based in Pakistan

Faisal Feeds commissions new hatchery

By Chloe Ryan

Pakistan-based Faisal Feeds, an independent feed and broiler farm operation, has commissioned a new hatchery equipped with six new setters and hatchers from SmartPro, a range of products supplied by Pas Reform.

Mumbai, where officials have imposed a four-day ban on the slaughter and sale of meat

Mumbai bans meat

By Chloe Ryan

Mumbai has banned slaughter and the sale of meat, following a demand from the strictly vegetarian Jain community, sparking outrage among meat-eaters already upset by a permanent beef ban imposed this year.

Vietnam claims data shows sharply falling domestic MSG production, while imports are growing

MSG imports investigated in Vietnam

By Keith Nuthall

The Vietnamese government has launched an investigation into booming imports of meat flavour enhancer monosodium glutamate (MSG), which may lead to temporary protective duties being imposed.

Concerns have surfaced in Pakistan that donkey meat is being passed off as beef in several restaurants

Pakistan government tackles donkey meat trade

By Chloe Ryan

The Pakistan government has banned the export of donkey hides to try to stop illegal slaughter practices and also stem the fraudulent sale of donkey meat inside the country.

The beef trade in India is bound up with demand for sacrificial animals

Bangladesh wants to boost cattle trade with India

By A Z M Anas in Dhaka

The Bangladesh government is developing proposals to boost the Bangladesh-India cattle trade by allowing sales at border markets (called haats), after Indian authorities curbed livestock smuggling.

Thomas: 'Momentous occasion'

Australian meat firm signs plant deal with Thai processor

By Chloe Ryan

Adelaide-based meat manufacturer Thomas Foods has signed an agreement with Thai processor Charoen Pokphand Group that is expected to result in the construction of a new processing plant in South Australia.

Australian firm fined for labelling Danish bacon as a 'Product of Australia'

Australian retailer fined for mislabelling bacon

By Chloe Ryan

Australian firm Conroy’s has been fined $10,200 after it was accused by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) to have mislabelled Danish bacon as Australian.

Proposal from China's Ministry of Commerce in Shandong calls for duty-free imports of live cattle

China tackles over-capacity issues

By Mark Godfrey

One of China’s leading meat-producing regions has come up with a radical solution to fix the over-capacity problem in the local processing sector.

Bangladesh will prevent the spread of animal diseases by expanding quarantine facilities to an international airport and land crossings

Bangladesh grows quarantine system to fight trans-boundary disease

By A Z M Anas, in Dhaka

Bangladesh will expand quarantine facilities to an international airport and six land crossings to boost defences against the spread of trans-boundary animal diseases, protecting the health of livestock and its meat imports and exports.

Food safety has become a priority for consumers in China

Organic meat demand soars in China

By Mark Godfrey

Demand for organic-certified meat is reaching fever pitch in China, with local firms battling for sales to consumers still worried about food safety, and a high-profile spat between two meat firms engaged in the trade.

High-performing farmers are taking advantage of global demand for New Zealand's red meat

New Zealand: red meat pitfalls and potential

By Chloe Ryan

New Zealand red meat farmers are among the highest earners in all farming sectors, but the industry must overcome significant barriers to fuel economic growth, according to the latest research.

The Brickhouse and Milinya cattle stations have been bought by the Minderoo Group

Two major Australian cattle deals clinched

By Michelle Perrett

The Minderoo Group, the Western Australian cattle station owner, has purchased two Gascoyne stations, Brickhouse and Milinya, near Carnarvon for an undisclosed price. 

Australian cattle farmers had a successful year with incomes increasing thanks to rising prices

Australian farm income for beef cattle revealed

By Michelle Perrett

The cash income of Australian beef cattle producing farms has increased strongly in 2014‒15, driven by increased cattle prices and the highest beef cattle turn-off in 36 years, an industry report indicates. 

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