Volume down but value up for New Zealand lamb exports

Total lamb exports from New Zealand rise 11% in value

By Georgi Gyton

The value of total lamb exports from New Zealand increased 11% in the first six months of the 2013-14 meat export season, despite a decline in volume, according to the latest data from Beef + New Zealand.

Australia chicken production set to rise

Australian chicken set for further growth

By Lee Adendorff, in Byron Bay, Australia

Australian chicken production and consumption is expected to continue its steady growth over the next five years and will account for nearly a third of total meat production in the country by 2019, according to a recent report by the Australian Bureau...

China convenience meat offering is increasing

China’s meat majors focus on convenience as incomes rise

By Mark Godfrey

There was a time when convenience for China’s meat-eaters was a bag of frozen pork dumplings. But today the offerings of convenience meat products are exploding across the aisles of China’s supermarket, with everything from pre-prepared frozen kebab sticks...

Shuanghui boosts profits thanks to diversification

Chinese pork firm benefits from diversity

By Mark Godfrey, in Beijing

Product diversification, driven by a need to match products to China’s expanding but extremely varied retail sector, appears to have been key to profits for 2013 at Chinese pork processor Shuanghui.

Call for chicken reserve to rescue Chinese farmers

Calls for chicken reserve to rescue Chinese chicken sector

By Mark Godfrey, in Beijing

One of China’s most respected agricultural experts has used China’s annual parliament – sitting this week in Beijing – to call for the establishment of a chicken reserve to rescue farmers from the current bird flu crisis.

Pork prices down according to Chinese Department of Agriculture data

Low prices and gloomy outlook for China’s pigs

By Mark Godfrey

It is proving a gloomy start to the year for China’s pig producers, with low prices for hogs continuing to dog the sector. The latest data from the Department of Agriculture in Beijing showed that, as of 12 February, the national average price of RMB13.23/kg...

Chinese officials cracks down on unscrupulous cattle dealers

China cracks down on water-injecting of cattle

By Mark Godfrey

Officials in a city in east China are designating official slaughterhouses and specific slaughter times for individual cattle in order to crack down on unscrupulous cattle dealers and slaughtering firms injecting cattle with water prior to slaughter to...

Live cattle trade in China drops as meat imports surge

China’s meat imports surge, live cattle trade slackens

By Mark Godfrey, in Beijing

China’s imports of live cattle appear to have dropped back in 2013, although there has been a surge in cattle for beef breeding and finishing. According to China Customs data, China imported 102,245 cattle (cows, bulls and weanlings) in 2013 – down 26,004...

China meat production increase slows, statistics reveal

Chinese meat output growth slowing

By Mark Godfrey, in Beijing

China appears to be struggling to meet its ambitious targets for meat production, judging by newly published data for 2013.

India's buffalo traders expand

India’s buffalo traders expand China market via Vietnam

By By Raghavendra Verma, in New Delhi

Indian buffalo meat exports to Vietnam have doubled in volume and tripled in value within a year as Chinese traders use the south-east Asian country for channelling their meat trade to bypass an official ban on direct imports, has been...

Australia on the way to almost total sow stall elimination

Australian pig farmers on the path to sow stall-free pork

By By Lee Adendorff, in Byron Bay, Australia

Meat industry association Australian Pork Limited (APL) has told that Australian piggeries are well on the way to an almost total elimination of sow gestation stalls by 2017. It said an estimated 65% of pigmeat enterprises in 2014 were...

China beef firm posts strong performance

China beef firm posts strong performance

By Mark Godfrey, in Beijing

One of China’s leading beef producers and processors has reported very strong results for 2013. Fucheng Wu Feng – also known by its listed name, Fortune Ng Fung Food – saw profits rise by a whopping 183.1% to RMB57m, significantly higher than the RMB20.1m...

Price slump hits Chinese pig farmers

Price slump hits Chinese pig farmers

By Mark Godfrey, in Beijing

A slump in prices means China’s pig farmers are having a lousy run-up to the upcoming Chinese New Year festival. Industry experts have blamed the price slump on a combination of factors, including higher pig numbers and epidemics brought on by warmer...

China sees surge in sheep meat prices

China sees surge in sheep meat prices

By Mark Godfrey, in Beijing

China’s sheep meat prices have climbed 11% year-on-year – not quite as significant as the increase in farmgate prices for beef cattle, but more a sign that lamb is being seen as a replacement for pork and chicken among an increasingly wealthy consumer...

China beef prices on the rise

China beef prices could boost production

By Mark Godfrey, in Beijing

With beef prices soaring in the run-up to Chinese New Year at the end of this month, beef farmers in one of China’s key cattle-producing regions are looking to increase scale to meet demand.

Hundreds report health problems in Japan due to pesticides

Pesticide scare in Japan hits hundreds

By Line Svanevik

More than 1,700 people have reported health problems in Japan after eating frozen chicken nuggets and pizza that could have been contaminated with pesticides, according to public Japanese broadcaster NHK.

Bird flu discovered at Chinese poultry market

Bird flu found at Chinese poultry market

By Carina Perkins

Chinese authorities have confirmed that a sample taken from a live poultry market in the country’s Guangdong province has tested positive for bird flu H7N9.

Meat processors sign deal in New Zealand

New Zealand to spend $64m on meat boost

By Carina Perkins

New Zealand meat processors, farmers and government have signed a deal on a new multi-million-dollar programme to boost meat quality and competitiveness.

Hong Kong on alert after second bird flu case

Bird flu strikes again in Hong Kong

By Carina Perkins

A second person has fallen ill with avian influenza H7N9 in Hong Kong, although authorities have labelled it an “imported case”.

Meat consumption down in Czech Republic

Czech meat consumption falls

By Jaroslaw Adamowski

Meat consumption in the Czech Republic decreased by 1.5% compared with last year to about 77.4kg.

China beef prices climbing

Chinese beef prices soar as local cattle herds shrink

By Mark Godfrey, in Beijing

China’s beef prices have been soaring as wealthier consumers consume more meat, and switch to beef from pork. But there are more fundamental issues at stake – not least the collapse in local herd numbers.

Australia set to benefit from South Korea FTA

Australian industry welcomes South Korea FTA

By Nicholas Robinson

Australian beef and sheepmeat bosses are elated following the successful negotiation of a South Korea/Australia Free Trade Agreement (FTA), suggesting it will save the sector AU$1.25bn over 15 years.

China pig trotters deal could be lucrative for UK

UK delegation targets China for new trade deal

By Line Elise Svanevik

A UK delegation, including the country’s Prime Minister David Cameron, has travelled to China in a bid to secure a new trade deal for pigs’ trotters.

Australian exporters want to ensure business with Indonesia

Australia hopes scandal will fail to hit beef exports

By Lee Adendorff, Byron Bay, Australia

Australia’s livestock export traders have said they want to ensure that their lucrative export business with Indonesia is not damaged by the fall-out from a diplomatic row over spying.

China: the devil is in the detail

China: the devil is in the detail

By Matt Incles, Senior consultant, Promar International

China is a potentially valuable market for meat exporters, but negotiating market access can be tricky. Matt Incles, a senior consultant with Promar International, shares his insights.

China is clamping down on meat safety

China ponders tightening meat ‘recycling’ rules

By David Green

China’s central government is currently reviewing significant amendments to its June 2009 National Food Safety Law, including the closure of a grey area that has left space for so-called ‘recycling’ of meat products after they have expired.

OSI is a major poultry processor in China

Meat and poultry processor opens two China plants

By Carina Perkins

OSI Group is set to become the biggest value-added meat processor in Asia after opening two more plants in China, bringing its total number of facilities in the country to 10.

Australian sheep being taken home for slaughter in Kuwait. Source: Animals Australia

Australia investigates sheep export allegations

By Carina Perkins

Australian officials have launched an investigation into allegations that sheep exported live from Australia are being sold outside approved supply chains in Jordon and Kuwait.

China and Ukraine collaborating on pig project

Chinese firm announces joint venture in Ukraine

By Vladislav Vorotnikov

Chinese company Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps (XPCC) has entered into a joint venture with Ukrainian firm KSG Agro to implement a large-scale project for the production of pork and feed crops.

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