The lambs available for export are estimated to be lower than last season

New Zealand lamb numbers see modest recovery

By Georgi Gyton

Lamb numbers are forecast to have increased by 1.2% on the previous spring, reaching an estimated 25.8 million, according to Beef + Lamb New Zealand (B+LNZ).

Korea is New Zealand's fourth largest export market for beef in terms of volumes. Picture credit: Beef + Lamb New Zealand

New Zealand welcomes Korean FTA

By Georgi Gyton

Beef + Lamb New Zealand (B+LNZ) has said that the recently concluded free trade agreement with South Korea should provide a major boost to its red meat exports to the country.

Adjusting treatment for different sexes of lamb can improve the bottom line

Sex of lambs has big impact on meat yield

By Oli Haenlein

Treating male and female lambs differently during finishing and processing can result in financial benefits, concluded a recent on-farm trial in New Zealand.

Chinese broiler production flat

Chinese poultry production forecasts flat for 2015

By Georgi Gyton

Stagnant consumption and relatively high feed costs look set to stifle growth in the Chinese broiler industry, according to a new Global Agricultural Information Network report from the USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service.

Workers from supplier Shanghai Husi were filmed picking meat off the floor and using out-of-date beef and chicken

McDonald’s Japan revises finances following food safety scandal

By Oli Haenlein

McDonald’s Holdings Japan has revised its financial forecasts to take into account a damaging incident earlier this year, in which workers from supplier Shanghai Husi were filmed picking meat off the floor and using out-of-date beef and chicken.

This new strain could pose a threat to poultry producers livelihoods if left unmonitored

FAO issues warning over new strain of avian ‘flu

By Georgi Gyton

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has said a new strain of avian influenza, H5N6, needs to be closely monitored in order to avoid a major threat to animal health.

Higher export prices are expected for sheepmeat and beef

Decline in livestock production forecast for Australia

By Georgi Gyton

Australian livestock production is forecast to decrease by 2.1% in 2014-15, according to the latest Agricultural Commodities report from the Australian Government’s Department of Agriculture (ABARES).

Workers were allegedly using out-of-date chicken and beef

Six people arrested in China meat scandal

By Georgi Gyton

OSI Group has confirmed that six employees at its subsidiary Shanghai Husi Food Co have been arrested "following detention by authorities".

India exported around US$4bn of buffalo meat last year

Report highlights importance of India as global meat player

By Georgi Gyton

A new report from the US Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agricultural Service has highlighted the importance of India on the global market, its bovine meat (buffalo) exports estimated to be the second-largest in the world.

The investment company is to $400m into the Chinese poultry firm

Global investor takes share of Chinese poultry player

By Georgi Gyton

KKR & Co, a global investment firm, has come to a definitive agreement with Chinese poultry producer Fujian Sunner Development Co, to invest around $400m in the business, in return for an 18% stake.

Australian meat exports increased by almost 30% between 2013-14

Australian meat exports rise almost 30%

By Georgi Gyton

The value of Australian exports of meat and meat preparations increased by 29.1% to AU$9.9bn in 2013-2014, according to the latest data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics on international trade in goods and services.

Sheep numbers have decreased by 3.2%. Image courtesy of Beef + Lamb New Zealand

New Zealand sees decrease in sheep numbers

By Georgi Gyton

Sheep numbers in New Zealand have dropped 3.2% to 29.8m in the year to 30 June 2014, according annual data from Beef + Lamb New Zealand’s (B+LNZ) Economic Service.

WH Group is China's largest pork company

China’s biggest pork company WH Group succeeds in Hong Kong IPO

By Su Dongxia, in Shanghai

WH Group, China’s largest pork company and a major shareholder in Henan Shuanghui Investment & Development Co, which acquired Smithfield Foods for US$7.1 billion in 2013, has successfully floated on the stock exchange of Hong Kong (HKEx).

The newly elected Bharatiya Janata Party had promoted its intention to curb consumption of meat

Indian meat industry worries about ‘war on meat’, says Euromonitor

By Simone Baroke, contributing analyst at Euromonitor International

India is fast emerging as one of the world’s biggest bovine meat exporters. This, however, does not sit at all well with the country’s newly elected Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), which promised during its campaign to put a halt to the...

Lamb is expected to maintain a favourable position with the Australian consumer

Positive outlook for Australia’s lamb industry

By Georgi Gyton

Strong export demand coupled with producer confidence and a robust native market is shedding a positive light on Australia’s lamb industry, according to Meat & Livestock Australia’s (MLA) mid-year update.

Baroke says there is not enough cattle being raised domestically in China to satisfy demand

No end in sight for China’s cattle shortage

By Simone Baroke, contributing analyst with Euromonitor

On the face of it, things are looking rather rosy for beef in China. Growth is dynamic – at least within the context of fresh food – driven by consumer demand for higher-quality meat. Once you chip the surface, however, a major predicament soon becomes...

The value of lamb exports increased 10.5%

New Zealand lamb exports exceed NZ$2bn

By Georgi Gyton

Despite reduced lamb export volumes from New Zealand, the value of Free On Board (FOB) exports exceeded NZ$2bn for only the fourth time in history, in the first nine months of the season.

The three key selling points for meat in Asia are “quality, brand and health”

Quality, brand and health sell meat in Asia

By Georgi Gyton

The three key selling points for meat in Asia are “quality, brand and health”, according to Victoria Santini, head of Asia at the Institute of Grocery Distribution (IGD).

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