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The sativa saga: Part 3

A novelty in Australia, hemp oil is nothing new for Kiwis

By RJ Whitehead

Last month’s decision to allow the sale of hemp seed for human consumption might have delighted Australian manufacturers that had hitherto been unable to stock their products on grocery food aisles, but the move has brought far less elation on the other...

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The sativa saga: Part 1

Cannabis crusaders cheer after 19 years of dashed hopes

By RJ Whitehead

On Friday, April 28, Australia—and to some extent New Zealand—witnessed the birth of a brand new industry segment, when a council of ministers agreed finally to permit the consumption of hemp seeds by humans as food.

Hemp is the new superfood for vitamins and omega-3

Not just for hippies: Hemp's rising superfood status

By RJ Whitehead

Bursting with nutrients and boasting an impressive growth rate, the future of hemp seed is bright– but what’s the best way for manufacturers to cash in on a product that is connected – mistakenly but understandably – with an illegal drug?

Hemp seed is legal as a food in most countries, but not Down Under


Industry and MPs want hemp as a food, but ministers continue to resist

By RJ Whitehead

Late last month, a forum of Australian and New Zealand ministers met in Auckland to discuss a number of proposed and recently implemented changes and additions to the countries’ food regulations. Once again, they voted against allowing hemp as a legal...

Australian growers can cultivate hemp but not sell it as a food ingredient


Tasmania goes it alone in backing hemp food production

By RJ Whitehead

Even though a council of antipodean ministers has rejected calls to allow the use of hemp seed oil as a food, Tasmania’s government is planning to introduce legislation that will encourage growth of the state’s hemp industry.


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