Founded in 2014, Baladna began as a sizeable sheep and goat farm north of Doha. Following the economic blockade of Qatar in 2017, Baladna began producing dairy products for the Qatari market having swiftly imported 4,000 milking cows from across Europe...


BC30® (Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, 6086) is a patented, FDA GRAS probiotic ingredient found in more than 900 leading food and beverage products around the world. It is a shelf-stable, science-backed probiotic strain that has been shown to provide digestive...

BIOSPRINGER, natural Yeast ingredients

Founded in 1872 in Paris, France, Biospringer is a global supplier of natural yeast extract and yeast derived ingredients by fermentation. We aim to bring taste and pleasure with our range of yeast extracts and yeast derived products, from dried yeast...


Bunge ( is a leading global producer and supplier of sustainable plant-based specialty oils, fats and lecithins for the food manufacturing industry.

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