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Innovate in nutrition responsively

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Innovate in nutrition responsively

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According to Euromonitor, Asia Pacific continues to experience changing lifestyles backed by increased disposable incomes. From low sugar content to natural ingredients, the reasons for consuming sports protein products vary across Asia. The Asia Pacific market size for sport protein products was valued at $ 2.2 billion in 2020 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.8% from 2020 to 2025.

Sports lovers and athletes are turning to plant-based nutrition to incorporate healthy eating habits as part of their active lifestyle, this leaves a positive impact on their health and is sustainable for our environment. Increasing consumption of supplements by athletes and gym-goers for different applications such as endurance, strength gaining, muscle growth, recovery, energy, weight management, immunity enhancement, and cognitive repairment is driving sports nutrition demand.

A report from Grand View Research states there is a rise in the number of consumers focused on self-care and preventive medication and fitness. People have developed an increased interest in sports and healthy lifestyles, resulting in a rising trend among consumers to join gyms, as well as resorting to supplementation through sports nutrition to maintain a balanced diet.


Those health-driven consumers are also looking for plant-based foods that provide them with the energy they need: they want food that keeps them going with low glycemic response and are actively looking for alternatives to simple sugars in their diets.

NUTRALYS®​ pea protein is a good ally for blood glucose management. Roquette’s NUTRALYS®​ may positively alter the glycemic response of the beverage through stimulation of insulin production, softening the blood glucose response of carbohydrates in healthy adults, as demonstrated by a human clinical trial recently conducted by Roquette. According to Eliza Tsun, Pea and Core Ingredients Manager for Greater Asia, “Nutritional needs have to be adapted to sport practice phases (preparation, during and post workout) – to optimize and maximize individuals’ performance and ensure good health and prevent damage.”

Designed to boost protein content in plant-based foods and acidic beverages, NUTRALYS®​ S85F, NUTRALYS®​ W and NUTRALYS®​ S85 Plus help to meet a range of applications.

Sports nutrition products are no longer niche items exclusively for athletes. Plant proteins have beneficial properties in sports nutrition, but they also appeal to general consumers who have an interest in fueling overall nutrition. With the variety of plant protein sources, it is important to sort out the true benefits for sustainable development that will meet the ever-changing needs of tomorrow’s consumer.

NUTRALYS® pea protein​ is also a good source of branched chain amino acids and glutamine, both of which are of particular interest for sports performance. Sourced from Europe and North America’s most discerning growers, raised and stored according to the industry’s leading quality protocols, processed in some of the world’s busiest plant protein facilities – every product in the NUTRALYS®​ line is designed to deliver the sustainable nutrition consumers want, with the availability and consistent quality that food and beverage manufacturers need. Its clinically proven benefits include muscle mass development, satiety and calorie intake reduction.


The main product NUTRALYS®​ S85 Plus has excellent solubility and heat resistance, has a protein content of about 85% on dry substance, and is standardized with a protein digestibility corrected amino acid score (PDCAAS) of 93. It is highly stable even in the acidic range of low pH and is used favorably in sports protein shakes and new indulgent formats such as protein cookies, protein smoothies or protein coffee. It is also non-GMO, does not require allergen labeling, and has a fast digestion profile into the body.

Since the 1930s, the mission of Roquette is to collaborate with its customers and partners to imagine and offer ingredients to better feed people by using plant-based resources while taking care of resources, territories and communities.

Roquette is not only a plant-based ingredients supplier, but also a creative partner to food creators willing to develop the products of tomorrow. Read more onNUTRALYS® plant protein


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