Discover the latest advances for boosting creativity in fried foods!

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Discover the latest advances for boosting creativity in fried foods!

The taste and texture of fried products are popular worldwide - especially if they come with balanced nutrition. In this webinar Roquette savoury applications development team brings you exciting new batter and coating solutions that reach new levels of satisfaction - all using plant-based ingredients! Our experts show - How to improve crispiness and nutrition - of French Fries, as well as of other fried products such as tempura and chicken nuggets. By the end of this webinar you will be able to:Identify major Fried products market trends (Mintel Insights)Find out new ways to boost crispiness while limiting oil uptake in different fried products - Tempura and nuggets.


Catherine Le Bihan Catherine Le Bihan Global Technical Application Manager, Food

Edith Dubal Edith Dubal Savoury Applications Team leader - Customer Technical Service

Geraldine Dedieu Geraldine Dedieu Market Development Manager, Food Business Unit, Europe

Ophelie Buchet Ophelie Buchet Global Engagement Director

Yoshitaka Okubo Yoshitaka Okubo Customer Technical service
Roquette Japan

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Innovate in nutrition responsively

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Innovate in nutrition responsively

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