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Nestlé crisps up China’s ‘monotonous’ Sachima

By Kacey Culliney

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Nestlé: '...The mouthfeel of Sachima in the market is too monotonous'
Nestlé: '...The mouthfeel of Sachima in the market is too monotonous'
Nestlé has filed a patent on a recipe and process to increase crispiness in China’s traditional sweet pastry Sachima to draw in younger consumers.

The patent outlines a method to ensure a crunchier, crispier texture to the sweet snack – traditionally made using egg, flour and sugar.

“The mouthfeel of the traditional Sachima is often soft and very suitable for middle and old persons. However, the mouthfeel of Sachima in the market is too monotonous now and is difficult to meet all consumers, especially young persons, because they prefer crispy mouthfeel,”​ Nestlé wrote in its patent filing.

The food major manufacturers Sachima products in China under its confectionery business Hsu Fu Chi. Nestlé bought a 60% majority stake in the Chinese confectionery firm back in July, 2011.

Fried dough / syrup balance

Nestlé’s recipe comprises fried dough, syrup and flavorings – the latter of which could be anything from cheese, seaweed, mango or chocolate.

Importantly, it said the fried dough should represent 55-72wt% (percentage of total product weight); syrup 22-35wt% and flavoring 1.5-5.5wt%.

The fried dough, it said, was made using high gluten flour and baking powder as a leavening agent and the syrup using brown sugar, sweeteners or a mix.

The final syrup, Nestlé said, had to be made using certain ratios – sugar (10-25wt%); 65-80wt% glucose syrup; 0.2lwt% salt and 5-12wt% water.

Dough frying and mixing

Nestlé said to make the crispier Sachima, dough had to be left to ‘mature’ at a temperature of around 35°C and then fried for 50-120 seconds at a temperature of 160-180°C.

Syrup is then cooked at temperatures of 105-115°C and mixed into the fried, cut dough pieces. The Sachima is then pressed and cut after cooling to be packed.

Nestlé said tests on the products using texture analyzers indicated these Sachimas were crispier than those currently on the market.

Source: WIPO Publication No. WO/2015/014312
Published: February 5, 2015. Filed: August 1, 2014
“Crispy Sachima and preparation process thereof”
Authors: Nestlé – M. Hsu, RY.Miao, Q. Gao, K. Hsu, XK. Sun and R. Lian

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