Ifad chief visits Pakistan with commitment to rural poor

Ifad chief visits Pakistan with commitment to rural poor

By RJ Whitehead

The president of the International Fund for Agricultural Development is visiting Pakistan this week to renew the UN agency’s commitment to alleviate rural poverty and boost food security in the country.

Indian officials hope the new pork factory will be able to process 400,000 pigs per year

India: Punjab planning 'state-of-the-art' pork facility

By Oscar Rousseau

The government of India’s semi-autonomous Punjab region is planning to build the country’s most advanced pig-processing facility as India’s consumption of pork and reliance on meat imports both continue to rise.

Meat consumption in India has been rising by 14% year-on-year

India to bolster pork industry

By Oscar Rousseau

Senior Punjabi government officials have visited UK pork factories to develop production methods, with India braced for a surge in meat demand.

Reforms to Pakistan's import duty could triple halal meat production in the future

Pakistan cuts duty for meat industry equipment

By Kaswar Klasra, in Islamabad

The Pakistan government has reduced custom duty on machinery imports used in the livestock and meat industry from 5% to 2% to encourage investment in the meat industry.

Concerns have surfaced in Pakistan that donkey meat is being passed off as beef in several restaurants

Pakistan government tackles donkey meat trade

By Chloe Ryan

The Pakistan government has banned the export of donkey hides to try to stop illegal slaughter practices and also stem the fraudulent sale of donkey meat inside the country.

Pakistan is falling behind in the halal market

Special report

Pakistan: lost opportunity for halal exports

By Rahimullah Yusufzai, in Peshawar

Pakistan meat sector executives believe their export sector is underperforming, failing especially to seize sales in affluent international halal markets.

Euthanasia threat for Australian sheep

Euthanasia threat for Australian sheep

By Carina Perkins

Thousands of Australian sheep which were accepted into Pakistan after being rejected by Bahrain veterinary authorities may be euthanised on animal health grounds.


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