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Danish Crown called Asia a 'promising market' with strong potential for growth

Danish organic meat exports to Asia rising

By Poorna Rodrigo

Denmark’s organic meat exports to Asia, fuelled especially by sales to mainland China and Hong Kong, rose steadily in 2015 compared with the year before.

Cleaver's ethos is that all food animals should be allowed to roam free in their paddock

Australian meat firm redesigns organic labelling

By Oscar Rousseau

Australian clean meat company Cleaver’s has redesigned its meat packaging to help consumers easily identify the ethical and humane way the company believes meat should be produced.

Consumers don’t connect with food any more

By Eliot Beer

UAE consumers have forgotten how to connect with food, and are lacking basic knowledge around food safety and nutrition, according to a food safety consultant.

Organic chief: We will discredit firms who claim false certification


Organic chief: We will discredit firms who claim false certification

By RJ Whitehead

The more popular organic products become, the greater the risk that fraudulent operators will ride on the coat-tails of genuine certification, the head of Australia’s organic farmers’ industry body warned after securing an injunction against a company...

Indian farmers should fill home and overseas void by going organic

Indian farmers should fill home and overseas void by going organic

By RJ Whitehead

India’s organic food market is expecting to see grow at a rate of around 19% over the next four years, according to a new report. And to fuel this demand – and that of overseas countries – producers should battle bureaucracy and convert from conventional...

Organic growth through well-laid plans in Karnataka

State of the industry

Organic growth through well-laid plans in Karnataka

By RJ Whitehead

Earlier this month a small story made its way into the Times of India—the country’s biggest-selling newspaper—to announce the opening of a shop that sells only organic products. For the rest of the world, this might be humdrum, but for India the event...

Government work has boosted Thailand's organics market

Government support boosts Thai organic food industry

By Jennifer Phang

Thailand's organic industry is now a 400m Thai Baht business since the National Innovation Agency (NIA) started a government initiative in 2006 to help organic farmers and food production companies raise the level of their products and to hike up...

It would appear the only way is up for organics in most developing economies

Organics booming in Lebanon, India, Romania

By Shane Starling

The first organic dairy factory has opened in Lebanon, Romania’s market is growing at 20%+ and in India, forecasts are for quadruple growth by 2015 as developing economies embrace organic production of foodstuffs.


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