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China does best at reducing Asian hunger; India and Pakistan languish

By RJ Whitehead

China has the lowest level of malnourishment of all Asian developing countries, while only three nations are hungrier than India, according to the latest Global Hunger Index report, which put the Far East giant in overall 29th place out of a ranking of...

Vietnam: Tougher penalties needed to stamp out food violators

Dateline Southeast Asia

Vietnam: Tougher penalties needed to stamp out food violators

By RJ Whitehead

A lack of tougher penalties and shortage of staff are hindering local authorities’ attempts to tighten control over businesses that violate food safety laws as more samples of meat, vegetables and seafood fail to meet hygiene and quality standards.

Increasingly, the definition of 'food security' is expanding to refer to a secure food supply for all - not only the undernourished

Beyond malnutrition: Food security means food supply


Food security is not just about hunger and poverty – it must move into the mainstream as the challenge of feeding nine billion people comes into sharper focus, according to the European Commission.

China must focus on modernising its agriculture, IFPRI has warned


Can China’s new farm strategies boost food and nutrition security?

By RJ Whitehead

China will only manage to feed itself if its policymakers continue to shift their ideals from self sufficiency towards a heavier reliance on international trade and stronger property rights for farmers, the International Food Policy Research Institute...


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