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New Zealand livestock supplies dip in last quarter

New Zealand livestock supplies dip in last quarter

By Aidan Fortune

The remaining livestock available for processing in New Zealand for the rest of the season will be less than in any of the previous five seasons, according to a forecast by Beef + Lamb New Zealand’s Economic Service (B+LNZ).

Oversupply has led to a drop in price

Lamb prices decline in China

By Mark Godfrey

A glut of local and imported supply has caused Chinese lamb prices to fall this year, with the current retail price of RMB50/kg, down 10.7% year-on-year according to pricing data from China’s Ministry of Agriculture.

Mutton is popular in Beijing for use in hotpots

Mutton takes off in northern China

By Mark Godfrey

As temperatures plunge in northern China, supermarkets are reporting a brisk trade in packaged mutton for hotpot.

Farmers are reluctant to sell their pigs at lower prices

Chinese pig farmers switch from pigs to lamb and cattle

By Mark Godfrey

China’s pig breeders appear to have had enough of low prices and are moving on to breed sheep. The key agricultural province of Shandong is seeing a shift to sheep this spring, according to reports from the local government.

China sees surge in sheep meat prices

China sees surge in sheep meat prices

By Mark Godfrey, in Beijing

China’s sheep meat prices have climbed 11% year-on-year – not quite as significant as the increase in farmgate prices for beef cattle, but more a sign that lamb is being seen as a replacement for pork and chicken among an increasingly wealthy consumer...

Rocky ride for NZ lamb

Focus on New Zealand

Rocky ride for NZ lamb

By Carina Perkins

With lamb supply dropping away, New Zealand has struggled to keep up with global demand and prices have soared, so is there a turnaround on the horizon?


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