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BiaCraft, Saigon.

How ambitious craft brands are jostling for Saigon success

By Richard Whitehead

In just three years, a craft scene has exploded in Vietnam’s beer capital. We talk to some of the craft brewers and entrepreneurs driving the sector forward with Vietnamese ingredients and local twists.

Balmain beers are gaining a reputation in their native New South Wales, but how will the Chinese take to craft brews?


Hong Kong the gateway to China’s promising craft beer market

By Glenn Cary, chief executive of Balmain Brewing Company

It’s hard to stress how important it is for craft brewers to get their product into greater China as we watch the market there unfold amid rising incomes and increasing openness to new tastes in beer.

Regulars at Sid's Pub in KL warm up for a heavy afternoon's sampling


Change brewing as Malaysia hops onto craft beer bandwagon

By RJ Whitehead

Faced with increasing gains across Asia-Pacific, not least in Australia where traditional brewers are fast losing market share, craft beer importers are now eyeing Southeast Asia as a new growth market.

Nothing bitter about craft beer’s rising popularity


Nothing bitter about craft beer’s rising popularity

By RJ Whitehead

The remarkable rise in popularity of craft beer in Australia might be driving mainstream brewery executives to the bottle, but for Glenn Cary, chief executive of the independent Balmain Brewing Company, it is only the beginning.

Australia’s craft beer secrets slowly being exposed

Australia’s craft beer secrets slowly being exposed

By RJ Whitehead

Australian jobs are at risk, as is the credibility of the segment, if craft breweries continue to licence their beer to mainstream operators, according the previous head of Byron Bay Brewing Company, which has found itself at the centre of a consumer...


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