Bird Flu

Iraq has a 'lack of commitment' to biosecurity, according to an FAO official in the Middle East

Iraq has ‘chronic’ bird flu problem

By Oscar Rousseau

Iraq’s inability to tackle the cause of bird flu means the deadly virus  is likely to spread across neighbouring countries, according to an expert on animal diseases.

Is Vietnam about to restock?

Is Vietnam about to restock?

Vietnam is seeking to import between 500,000 to 600,000 tonnes of
corn for feed as it moves to restock poultry flocks hit by the
outbreak of bird flu earlier this year, even though the FAO has
warned the country not to resume poultry...

Thailand admits to Avian 'flu

Thailand admits to Avian 'flu

After a week of denials and perhaps months of cover-ups, Thailand
has finally admitted that it has been hit by Avian 'flu, the
poultry virus that has ravaged other parts of East Asia. A Thai
minister told reporters that two boys...


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