Bharatiya Janata Party

Some butchers could struggle to meet new and improved hygiene standards

Meat sellers strike following crackdown in India

By Raghavendra Verma

Meat traders from India’s most populous state, Uttar Pradesh, are on indefinite strike to protest the new Hindu nationalist state government’s forced closure of slaughterhouses and meat shops. 

Meat traders plan to wait until 31 March before considering a protest

Mumbai meat traders angry with airport sales restrictions

By Raghavendra Verma, in New Delhi

Meat traders in the Indian financial capital of Mumbai are concerned about a potentially precedent-setting tightening of restrictions on sales within a 10-kilometre radius of the city’s Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport. 

Mumbai, where officials have imposed a four-day ban on the slaughter and sale of meat

Mumbai bans meat

By Chloe Ryan

Mumbai has banned slaughter and the sale of meat, following a demand from the strictly vegetarian Jain community, sparking outrage among meat-eaters already upset by a permanent beef ban imposed this year.

The beef trade in India is bound up with demand for sacrificial animals

Bangladesh wants to boost cattle trade with India

By A Z M Anas in Dhaka

The Bangladesh government is developing proposals to boost the Bangladesh-India cattle trade by allowing sales at border markets (called haats), after Indian authorities curbed livestock smuggling.

Beef had been the cheapest meat available

Maharashtra beef processors upset over new oxen and bull slaughter ban

By Raghavendra Verma, in New Delhi

Beef traders in the Indian state of Maharashtra, which includes Mumbai, are in a desperate situation as the state government has started to implement a newly-approved law that bans the slaughter of oxen and bulls for religious reasons.

Indian buffalo meat exports grew by 16% from April to October 2014

India buffalo meat exports rise, despite BJP government

By Raghavendra Verma, in New Delhi

Concerns that India’s beef export industry might wither under the new Hindu nationalist BJP-led government have proved unfounded, as between April and October 2014, India exported US$2.66 billion’s worth of buffalo meat, a rise of nearly 16% over the...

The newly elected Bharatiya Janata Party had promoted its intention to curb consumption of meat

Indian meat industry worries about ‘war on meat’, says Euromonitor

By Simone Baroke, contributing analyst at Euromonitor International

India is fast emerging as one of the world’s biggest bovine meat exporters. This, however, does not sit at all well with the country’s newly elected Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), which promised during its campaign to put a halt to the...

Beef and buffalo producers fear additional export controls

India’s meat sector nervous over nationalist party victory

By Raghavendra Verma, in New Delhi

Beef and buffalo producers and exporters in India are bracing for additional controls after general election exit polls predicted a victory for the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) party led by Narendra Modi.

Holy cow! Modi’s buffalo stance is based on votes, not religion

Analysis: Indian elections

Holy cow! Modi’s buffalo stance is based on votes, not religion

By RJ Whitehead

“The holiness of the cow is very much linked to the communal overtones of Indian politics,” wrote Indian historian DN Jha, who received death threats following the release of his book, The Myth of the Holy Cow.

Gov't considers pushing Bill through in face of mounting opposition

Indian National Food Security Bill

Gov't considers pushing Bill through in face of mounting opposition

By RJ Whitehead

India’s National Food Security Bill is part of a conspiracy to impoverish farmers, according to the Samajwadi Party’s secretary general ahead of the government indicating it might convene a special parliamentary session to make the controversial plans...