Norton: 'Red meat becoming a luxury product'

Call to overhaul Australia's meat systems

By Michelle Perrett

Australia’s meat quality, safety and integrity systems need overhauling, according to the managing director of the Meat and Livestock Australia Richard Norton. 

Ractopamine is used to treat EU livestock, but China has a zero tolerance policy to the drug

China names suppliers of drug-tainted meat

By Mark Godfrey

WalMart and Tesco are among retailers named by China’s food safety watchdog as inadvertent suppliers of drug-tainted meat in a spot check of products for detected animal medication residues beyond permitted limits.

The Anna Creek Station is the largest cattle range in the world at 11 million hectares

World’s largest cattle range goes on sale in Australia

By Barbara Barkhausen, in Sydney

The largest private landholding in Australia will change ownership over the next few months, including the world’s largest working cattle ranch in the world, Anna Creek Station, in South Australia. 

MPC and Drovers Pastoral Company deal close to completion

MPC and Drovers Pastoral Company deal close to completion

By Michelle Perrett

Two Western Australian businessmen Robbie Forrest and Brett King are buying the Meat and Poultry Company (MPC) and Drovers Pastoral Company (Drovers) out of liquidation through their business Flown Pty Ltd. 

The investment includes farms and processing facilities to kill 300,000 pigs by the end of next year

Substantial pig and pork processing project planned for China

By Mark Godfrey

Thai food conglomerate Charoen Pokphand (CP) has teamed with a Singaporean partner for a RMB4 billion pig farming and pork processing project in northern China as part of an ambitious Sino-Singaporean food production plan, which will see Chinese pigs...

Investments include a new £1.7m poultry dressing plant in Bamban, Tarlac

Philippines hopes to lift meat exports with new plants

By Chloe Ryan

Two new publicly funded meat processing facilities being built in the Philippines are due to be completed within the year, with the aim of helping to boost meat exports from the country, the country’s president has said.

Kite will replace Dr Andreas Dubs, who is retiring in July

New appointment for Aussie poultry federation

By Chloe Ryan

Dr Vivien Kite has been named the new executive director of the Australian Chicken Meat Federation (ACMF) and the Australian Poultry Industries Association (APIA). Kite will replace Dr Andreas Dubs, who is retiring in July.

Oversupply has led to a drop in price

Lamb prices decline in China

By Mark Godfrey

A glut of local and imported supply has caused Chinese lamb prices to fall this year, with the current retail price of RMB50/kg, down 10.7% year-on-year according to pricing data from China’s Ministry of Agriculture.

China has launched an ambitious new trade policy One Belt Two Roads

Halal meat opportunities identified in China

By Mark Godfrey

The Gulf Halal Centre is teaming up with the China International Trade Promotion Centre (CITPC) to roll out certification in China for halal meat products.

Processors will now have to take responsibility for red meat promotion

NZ meat marketing initiative ditched

By Chloe Ryan

A dispute over money has led to the scrapping of a proposed meat marketing campaign in New Zealand which has been in development for the past two years.

The proposed NewCo co-operative is designed to help cattle farmers in New Zealand

New Zealand meat co-operative planned

By Helen Arnold

Details of a new meat co-operative in New Zealand have been unveiled this week, membership of which will require farmers to commit livestock supply for three years.

India has been urged by the WTO to liberalise import restrictions on poultry products and live pigs

WTO challenges India’s poultry and pig import bans

By Keith Nuthall

The World Trade Organization (WTO) has told India it should liberalise its bans on imports of poultry products and live pig imports, imposed over concerns that they could be infected with bird flu. 

The fat 1 gene is instrumental in converting Omega 6 fatty acids to Omega 3s

Chinese scientists create ‘healthier beef’ with added Omega-3s

By Helen Arnold

Chinese scientists have managed to rear cattle containing five times the amount of health-giving Omega 3 fatty acids normally found in the meat, which could help the beef industry to better compete in the future with other so-called ‘healthier’ forms...

Most of New Zealand's beef and dairy products are unbranded. Photo credit: Beef + Lamb New Zealand

Provenance of New Zealand foods overlooked

By Helen Arnold

Not enough is being done to promote awareness of the country of origin on New Zealand products, with the result that many overseas consumers are unaware that their meat originates from New Zealand, according to a new study.

China has become New Zealand largest market for lamb

China expands import of beef and lamb from New Zealand

By Elsa Reed, in Shenzhen

China has become New Zealand’s second-largest market for beef and the largest for its lamb in the 12 months ending 31 March 2015, the Meat Industrial Association (MIA) of New Zealand has told GlobalMeatNews.

The company is establishing a nationwide network of warehouses for distribution

China beef processor launches online store

By Mark Godfrey

One of China’s most ambitious beef processing and distribution firms has said it is setting up its own online store, which will eventually become China’s largest online retailer of beef and fine foods.

Indian exporters said they were expecting more sales

India buffalo meat exports on the rise

By Raghavendra Verman, in New Delhi

Indian buffalo meat exports have risen by 10% to US$4.78 billion in the financial year ending March 2015, according to provisional data released by India’s Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence and Statistics on 8 May.

The Federal Ministry of National Food Security and Research has reversed a health certification fee charged for assessing meat and meat products introduced in March

Pakistan government annuls inspection fee rises

By Afshan Subohi, in Karachi

The Pakistan government has reversed a decision to increase a health certification fee charged for assessing meat and meat products, three weeks after it was issued, after meat exporters opposed the move. The Federal Ministry of National Food Security...

The sale of meat and the slaughtering of livestock has been banned following the earthquake which killed 7,500 people

Nepal meat industry devastated by earthquake

By Raghavendra Verma

Authorities in the earthquake-stricken Kathmandu have banned the sale of meat and the slaughtering of livestock, including poultry, across the Nepali capital, because of concerns about disease. Meat traders in the rest of Nepal have already been affected...

‘True Aussie’ was unveiled for the meat industry about a year ago

Australian ‘True Aussie’ quality campaign boosts exports

By Poorna Rodrigo

Australia’s push to re-define its agricultural produce under a unified name - ‘True Aussie’ that signifies products are clean, green and safe - is helping the country’s meat exporters, claim industry leaders.

Trade minsters have committed themselves to promoting Pakistani-Iranian trade

Pakistan meat exporters hope Iran import ban will be lifted soon

By Afshan Subohi, in Karachi

Pakistani meat exporters are optimistic that the Iranian government will lift an import ban imposed in early 2014 on Pakistan-produced meat, following a meeting last Wednesday (22 April) between the country’s trade ministers.

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