Kemin Food Technologies Asia

Kemin Food Technologies Asia

Kemin scientists specialize in identifying and developing molecules that help food products look great, taste delicious, remain safe and stay fresh longer. We deliver innovative, superior food technologies, helping to ensure that what consumers put on their plate looks great and tastes delicious.

Kemin is the most vertically integrated supplier of natural plant extracts globally. Our proprietary plant-based extracts have effective antioxidant properties that delay oxidation and increase shelf-life. Managing the entire process - from plant breeding and growing to extraction and blending - allows Kemin to guarantee a sustainable, consistent supply of high quality products that can be used for a variety of food applications.

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Kemin valteq enhances instant noodle texture, mouthfeel and shelf life

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Instant noodles - from convenient necessity to indulging quality

Food manufacturers’ solution to achieving that perfect slurp and mouthfeel and revolutionizing noodles to answer global demands, a new series of instant noodle quality improvers enhances texture, mouthfeel, and shelf life.