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The European Union's deforestation bill is triggered at the end of 2024. Is the cocoa sector ready? Pic: EU

Free-to-listen webinar - Speakers Announced!

Time’s up: EUDR webinar - speakers announced - how ready is cocoa?

By Anthony Myers

ConfectioneryNews will be presenting a special live webinar on Tuesday 23 January 24 at 17:00Paris / 10:00AM Chicago to discuss the new requirements for market access for cocoa and chocolate suppliers into the European Union.

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ジャパン フォーカス:アサヒスーパードライの業績、森永製菓の新たな機会、協和発酵のポストバイオティクスの継続的成功、食品廃棄物削減など

By Hui Ling Dang


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