Taura Natural Ingredients

Taura Natural Ingredients

Taura Natural Ingredients is a fully integrated global company dedicated to the innovation and production of low water activity,real fruit and vegetable ingredients​ for food manufacturing industry; bakery, cereal, snack bar, confectionery, chocolate and fruit snack applications.

World-class research and production facilities are located in both hemispheres, Belgium and New Zealand, and are supported by dedicated customer support offices in North America and the UK, as well as a worldwide selling partner network.


At the heart of Taura Natural Ingredients’ success is the Ultra Rapid Concentration or URC® technology. Developed in 1991, URC® process concentrates fruit and vegetable blends to less that 10% moisture in under 60 seconds. The speed of the process ensures taste, texture and natural goodness of the ingredients is retained.

Designed for today’s manufacturing process, URC® products can be customised to meet specific application requirements including:

- High fruit and/or vegetable content

- Low water activity

- Long shelf life >18 months

- Excellent bake stability

- Preservative free

- Microbiologically safety

- flexible format and formulation design.



Made from real fruit purees and juices, URC® products retain natural flavour, colour and goodness and are available in a range of formats and specifications for cereal, baked goods, snack bar and confectionery applications.

URC® products can contain up to seven times its own weight in real fruit with no added sugar Designed to create delicious, nutritious healthy fruit-based snacks, all URC® product formats and flavour profiles can be adapted to suit your new product developments.

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