Founded in 1895, Nexira is a global leader in natural ingredients and botanical extracts for food, nutrition, and dietary supplements.

Nexira first built its reputation as the world leader in acacia gum and now manufactures a wide range of natural ingredients with proven health benefits, such as the flagship brand Exocyan™, a cranberry extract standardized in polyphenols and proanthocyanidins (PACs) from 1 to 70% and recognized for its benefits in preventing urinary tract infections.

Nexira also promotes Fibregum™, an all-natural and GMO-free source of soluble dietary fiber. Offering a minimum of 90% fiber and associated health benefits, Fibregum™ is clean label - and, because it is 100% vegetable and available in organic grades, highly appealing to consumers.

Clinical studies have demonstrated the numerous health benefits of Fibregum™ and its prebiotic properties at a daily dose of six grams.

Nexira offers nutritional and natural ingredients for weight management, anti-stress, sports nutrition, digestive health and cardiovascular:

- Cacti-Nea™: A cactus fruit extract with weight-management properties.

- NeOpuntia™: A patented, healthy, lipophilic fiber from cactus leaves.

- ViNitrox™: A nitric oxide booster and healthy performance enhancer.

- ID-alG™: A seaweed extract clinically tested for weight management.

- Exocyan™ a cranberry extract standardized in proanthocyanidins (PACs).

With the new state-of-the-art facility in Europe, Nexira has expanded its production capacities and enriched its portfolio with high-quality botanical extracts (acerola, desert date, devil’s claw, green coffee, green tea, passion flower, etc.)