Plant-based Innovation

Plant-based Innovation

Interest in plant-based alternatives across Asia shows no signs of slowing, as evidenced by the growing number of major brands, suppliers and trend-setting foodservice outlets continuing to ramp-up investment.

With Asia tipped to be the largest region for plant-based food consumption in the $21bn global finished product market by 2025 on the back of consumers’ ethical, health and environmental concerns, plus extensive product innovation, we’ll be looking at how the sector can establish itself as a mainstream, as well as trending, category.


Justin Chan Justin Chan Founder and Director

Dr Tunyawat Kasemsuwan Dr Tunyawat Kasemsuwan Director of the Global Innovation
Thai Union Global Innovation Centre (GIC)

Damien-Pierre LESOT Damien-Pierre LESOT Head of Technical Developers

Ronan Moloney Ronan Moloney Vice President and General Manager for Food and Meat
Kerry Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa

Coco Tse Coco Tse VP, Strategy & Operations
HERO Protein

Gary Scattergood Gary Scattergood Editor-in-Chief
FoodNavigator-Asia & NutraIngredients-Asia