Healthy Snacking

Healthy Snacking

Asian consumers are increasingly opting to eat several smaller meals across the day, instead of the traditional breakfast, lunch and dinner. This has led to a boom in the region’s snacking market, but many consumers are not satisfied with simple indulgence or convenience.

Increasingly, they are demanding healthier options, opening up huge opportunities for value-added ingredients that can play a role in assisting with reformulation or fortification, as well that those that can foster claims to be natural, or clean label. We’ll be assessing the latest developments in all of the above as brands strive to meet these emerging snacking trends.


Yuwi Chan Yuwi Chan International Sales Manager (APAC)
Eat Real Snacks

Patrick Gantier Patrick Gantier Asia General Manager
Mars Wrigley

Salomi Naik Salomi Naik Head of Innovation
Ai Palette

Martin Teo Martin Teo Technical Director – Food Applications
U.S. Dairy Export Council Southeast Asia

Gary Scattergood Gary Scattergood Editor-in-Chief
FoodNavigator-Asia & NutraIngredients-Asia