Rich pickings: Swiss caviar supplement set for APAC expansion after success in Philippines and Thailand

By Guan Yu Lim

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Sales of Caviarlieri have performed well in the Philippines and Thailand markets, with plans to further expansion in the Asia-Pacific region ©Caviarlieri Limited
Sales of Caviarlieri have performed well in the Philippines and Thailand markets, with plans to further expansion in the Asia-Pacific region ©Caviarlieri Limited

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Swiss firm Caviarlieri Limited is expanding further across Asia and Australia with its caviar-containing anti-ageing product, after seeing initial success in the Philippines and Thailand.

The company is planning to release the product, also named, Caviarlieri in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan and Vietnam, before targeting Australia.

Caviarlieri was first launched in its home market, Switzerland, before entering the Philippines in July last year, and Thailand in February this year. The product is manufactured in Switzerland.

According to Shane Wang, marketing director at Caviarlieri Limited, the firm is currently appointing a distributor and acquiring approvals from the regulatory authorities in the respective countries.

Caviarlieri is distributed at pharmacies, anti-ageing clinics, aesthetic clinics, as well as clinics specialising in cardiology.

Diverse benefits

The company claims Caviarlieri works on multiple levels with benefits including better energy levels, improved skin health, better sleep quality, and reduced joint pain.

According to Wang, the caviar used in Caviarlieri is obtained from the sturgeon, and contains amino acids and essential fatty acids (EPA, DHA).

Wang told NutraIngredients-Asia​: “The known beneficial properties of essential fatty acids are extensive like ensuring proper functioning of the cells, supporting brain health, ensuring regulation of the inflammatory responses, reduction of joint pain and prevention of photo skin ageing​.”

Caviarlier also contains other bioactive ingredients such as marine protein peptides (DNA extracts from wild salmon and haddock), marine collagen, coenzyme Q10 and selenium.

The synergistic formulation of these ingredients help mood elevation, reduction in joint pain, increase in energy levels, improvement in skin complexion, mental concentration and delay the onset and progression of age related diseases​,” Wang added.

In one study by R. Catanzaro et al​., patients with knee osteoarthritis were randomised into a double-blind study, group A (Caviarlieri) and group B (glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate). Osteoarthritis is a slow, chronic joint disease that causes pain and physical disability, and participants were given painkillers on demand. Group A participants reported a quicker and higher degree of improvement and lower painkiller use at the end of 18 weeks.

In another study by DH Chui et al​., on mental health, stressed but otherwise healthy participants were divided in two groups (Caviarlieri or placebo). After two months of supplementation, stressed participants had a significantly lower level of BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor).

One study on skin ageing by F Marotta et al​., found that Caviarlieri-treated skin had significantly more synthesis of collagen type I after 72 hours. Abnormalities in collagen is what causes physiological ageing of the skin and reduction of skin thickness.

Wang said besides being an anti-ageing supplement, Caviarlieri claims to have immune boosting functions too.

One of the active ingredients in Caviarlieri is selenium, which in the right dosages is a potent antioxidant that keeps the immune system in check by reducing oxidative stress in the body, and identifying and warding off potentially harmful threats, like viruses, parasites and bacteria.

Wang told us: “By providing essential nutrition at the cellular level, Caviarlieri can accelerate cellular renewal and repair via protein synthesis against damaged or dysfunctional immune cells which can potentially help to strengthen our immune system against viruses and diseases. This has to be a consistent approach to better immune health especially if one is suffering from chronic ailments​.”

Delivery technology

Caviarlieri is available in a soft-gel format, and contains 50mcg of selenium. Wang recommends one to two soft gels daily, taken 20 minutes before breakfast.

Wang stressed that the manufacturing process was important in delivering the nutrients efficiently.

The digestive tract of most people after 30 will start to deteriorate and effective absorption therefore will be an issue​.”

Wang said Caviarlieri was manufactured using its proprietary Swiss Cold extraction technology called Cellularix, which ensures that the chemical integrity of the inherent micronutrients are not compromised in the production process.

In addition, the caviar and marine peptides in Caviarlieri also help to escort the micronutrients to the cells for optimal absorption.

We believe that if the inherent ingredients of the product have strong antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties and the manufacturing technology ensures that the biochemical integrity of the product is not compromised, then absorption can be optimised and the results will be prominent​.”

Wang said the company was intending to launch a complementary skin care product at the end of this year.

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