Chinese market opens up to acrylamide enzyme

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DSM has obtained approval for its Preventase acrylamide mitigating enzyme portfolio in the high potential chinese market.

Since the enzyme’soriginal launch in 2007 DSM has unveiled a whole portfolio of Preventase solutions for different applications, including bread, biscuits, crackers and extruded snacks. Derived from Aspergillus niger​, it converts asparagine, a precursor of the suspected carcinogen acrylamide, into the harmless amino acid asparate.

DSM has previously obtained approvals in a number of markets, including Singapore, the Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Denmark, Mexico and Russia.

Ruth Donners, business manager at​DSM Food Specialities said: The last few months have seen growing global concern over acrylamide’s suspected carcinogenic properties; authorities in the US and Europe, for example, have continued to step up their investigations into acrylamide in food. Whilst in Canada, acrylamide has recently been added to the list of toxic substances. Given these developments, an effective solution is essential and Preventase offers just that; an acrylamide mitigation solution that does not affect the quality, taste or texture of end products.”

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