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High profile food scares have turned the spotlight on food safety in Asia. While new regulations are coming into force, consumers and exporters seek assurances of product safety as contamination can have dire consequences all around the world.

Typhoon destruction puts Filipino farms and fisheries at risk

The UN’s Food and Agriculture organisation has been mobilising support to the Philippines in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan, which tore through the country causing severe damage to the fisheries...

HK’s booming wine industry launches QA scheme

The Hong Kong government’s decision to scrap wine duty in 2008 has contributed to a 187% increase in the value of wine imports into Hong Kong since then. 

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FSANZ appeals for listeria info

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) wants submissions on L. monocytogenes growth in ready-to-eat foods.

New USDA rule will not let Chinese poultry into America

The US Department of Agriculture will not allow the import of Chinese poultry into the country, having determined the country’s slaughter system not equivalent of its system and standards.

Australia one step closer to allowing more raw milk products

Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ) is calling for submissions on a proposal that will permit production and sale of an increased range of raw milk products in Australia.

Taiwanese seriously concerned over food safety, survey reveals

Around 80% of Taiwan's citizens are concerned about food safety problems in the wake of recent scandals, according to the results of a survey released this week.

Treading on egg shells? Australia looks to tackle Salmonella problem

Sources of Salmonella on egg farms and in the supply chain are being investigated to tackle the pathogen problem in Australia.

New Zealand and China set up joint food safety panel

China and New Zealand have agreed to strengthen cooperation in food safety and quality, three months after the Fonterra botulism scare negatively disrupted booming food links between the two countries.

In pictures: China's new draft food safety regulations

China put its first Food Safety Law into effect on June 1, 2009. However, four years later, food safety issues still abound.

Fonterra must show ‘willingness to learn’ from WPC botulism scare: Inquiry

Fonterra faces "serious global implications" unless it learns from the mistakes that led to the recent whey protein concentrate (WPC) botulism scare, the committee overseeing an independent investigation into the...

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S Korean police net ring smuggling diet pills containing human flesh

South Korean police have arrested two Chinese students for selling “diet” pills found to contain human flesh.

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Group cautions government over sale of non-labelled GM products

A forum of Indian consumer groups has warned the country’s ministry of consumer affairs that they have encountered transgenic food products without mandatory GM labelling. 


The term ‘food addiction’ makes us all addicts

A new theory that seems to be gaining momentum on the obesity front is food addiction. Apparently the world’s expanding waistline is as result of so many of us being...

SEC investigating Chinese infant formula promotion ‘expenditures’: Mead Johnson

Mead Johnson Nutrition has revealed that the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is probing “certain expenditures” relating to the promotion of infant formula products by its business in China....

China concludes 'successful' tests on transgenic rice

Transgenic rice tests conducted by China’s Agricultural University have brought no abnormalities after 90 days of test according to researchers involved in the programme.


China’s new charm offensive highlights positive side of GM crops

China’s food safety authorities have really been ramping up their charm offensive in the last month. Not only have bodies like the China Food and Drug Administration been seen a...

India’s highest court orders regular checks on fizzy drinks

India’s highest court has directed the country’s top food safety watchdog to conduct regular checks on carbonated soft drinks sold in the country.

Fearing Western bans, TCM industry now seeking to align standards

In the wake of some Western countries like Britain capping sales of traditional medicine imports from China, the country is now ramping up efforts to standardise production in the segment.

Maori gout evidence suggests lesser link to lush lifestyle

A New Zealand researcher has further dispelled the notion that gout is a Western lifestyle disease brought about by diet and affluence by discovering that early Maori settlers also suffered...

False food labels on 82 ‘impure oils’ in China

Investigators have found 82 “impure” oils and sealed and removed 66 products from a factory in Changhua, China.

From Kant to the 6 o'clock swill: creative ways to limit alcohol abuse

Philosopher Julian Baggini has been commissioned by the New Zealand Food and Grocery Council to give his take on the serious issues affecting the industry. Here, he looks at how...

Dietary advice should be no different for those with diabetes, study finds

Dietary guidelines for those with diabetes should be the same as those for the general population – although the benefits of following a healthy diet are greater for diabetics, claim...

New herbicide approach helps sugarcane run-off in Great Barrier Reef

An innovative new approach to sugarcane plantation weed management trialled in select Great Barrier Reef catchments have shown a dramatic 90% reduction in runoff of highly soluble herbicides into waterways.

Australians want more government regulation, says survey

People in at least one Australian state would welcome more government regulation on food matters for a better public health environment, a new survey has revealed.

Rampant mislabelling of beef in Korea

In South Korea, more than 75 tonnes of US beef was passed off as coming from other countries over the first eight months of this year. It is said the...

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