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China direct

Up to 1m cattle to be cloned a year at new Tianjin facility

Plus: Fitch: Long-term restructuring forces grocery chains to delist; China drives global baby food growth; and China’s youth obesity rate worsens.

Soft commodities to the fore as El Niño hits Apac grain prices

El Niño’s effect on weather patterns and China’s economic slowdown may have a significant impact on grain prices, while Asia’s main “soft” commodities will rally over the coming year, a new report predicts.

Far East digest

Japanese firm finds way to turn textiles into noodles

Plus: Fears quashed for trans-Strait inspections, though talks stall over agriculture disparity; and Korea’s new-found love of imported cheese makes up for world’s highest milk prices.

Tetra Pak & DeLaval to raise the number of dairy cows in China from 45% to 60% by 2020

Tetra Pak and its sister company DeLaval, part of Tetra Laval Group, have signed a five-year agreement with the Dairy Association of China to train 150 Chinese dairy farm managers over the next five years to run large-scale dairy farms. 

This paves the way for mass personalised nutrition, say researchers

What’s better for blood glucose levels, sushi or ice cream? It depends who you are, say researchers

Blood glucose levels vary widely across individuals even for the same food, say researchers who have developed an algorithm to calculate the ‘right’ diet – paving the way for mass personalised nutrition and casting doubt over the usefulness of universal dietary guidelines.

Chinese market open for UK organic dairy imports

A British organic dairy cooperative has broken into the one of the world’s most lucrative markets after being awarded the UK’s first licence to export organic products to China.

Nestlé to introduce Gold KitKat in Japan for $16 a bar

Nestlé has launched a one-finger KitKat made with edible gold leaves at its Chocolatory boutiques in Japan.

China looks to reduce domestic corn prices to shift stock levels: report

For the second year in a row, Beijing is planning to cut Chinese maize prices in a bid to encourage local processors to buy domestic stocks, reported Reuters citing industry sources.

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