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How supplements can filter out the negative effects of Blue Light

Studies suggest that, over time, exposure to the Blue Light could cause serious long-term damage to our eyes and sleep patterns. But how can supplements be used to ease suffering, asks Gulhan Demirci of Caruso’s Natural Health.

Chinese preliminary decision on anti-dumping duties a ‘disappointment’ - US trade groups

China is bringing anti-dumping duties of 33.8% against the US for sales of DDGS, claiming damage was done to the domestic market. 

Dramatic rise in Pacific Islands diabetes cases questioned due to ‘methodological errors’

High reported rates of type 2 diabetes in some Pacific Island nations have been called into question after Australian researchers found deficiencies in the methods used to test for the disease - a finding which may have wider global implications.

Calls for Asian sugar tax as Kiwi review awards poor marks to Mexico

The World Health Organisation has asked countries on the west side of the Pacific to consider imposing a tax on all soft drinks in a bid to tackle rising rates of obesity. 

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DSM raises prices for vitamin C produced in China

DSM said it is to increase prices for the vitamin C forms it produces in China by a minimum of 10% for non-contracted business.

News in brief

China penalizes US DDGS suppliers

China's Ministry of Commerce has decided to impose anti-dumping duties on distiller's dried grains (DDGs) from the US, according to Xinhua news agency.


Toyo’s most expensive rice record a nod to TPP uncertainty

Japan’s Toyo Rice Corporation has secured a world record for selling the world’s most expensive rice after a limited quantity of its super-premium grains were made available earlier this year through its web site.

International Sweeteners Association fights back against highly-critical research review

The International Sweeteners Association (ISA) has hit back at what it claims are the “misleading conclusions” of a review into sweetener industry-funded research which alleged widespread bias .

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