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Dateline Southeast Asia

Ribena recalled in Malaysia

Plus: Foreign firms winning in battle for Vietnam’s non-alcoholic drinks territory; and Food software solutions firm opens Singapore outpost.


Csiro’s high-tech sound-and-light show for furry farm pests

Australian scientists have developed humane technology that could save farmers’ crops and livelihoods from pests.

Australian study affirms vitamin D’s ability to lower type 2 diabetes risk

Vitamin D could be useful in preventing the development of type 2 diabetes, an Australian population-based study has found.

Booming Asian mega farms are an ‘economic risk’

Investors should not get overexcited by the risky Asian meat industry as booming production may not translate to soaring profits, a FAIRR (Farm Animal Investment Risk & Return) Initiative report has claimed.

This week Down Under

Cadbury vows to ‘secure' jobs while announcing 50 redundancies

Plus: David v Goliath breakfast cereal battle gears up for NZ High Court; and Cold chain industry body formed to cut through waste-reduction rhetoric.

Probiotics a possible treatment for jaundice in newborn babies: Chinese meta-analysis

Probiotic supplementation might be able to safely and effectively treat jaundice in babies, a Chinese systematic review and meta-analysis found, but researchers say better quality data is required.


Toy tie-ins make kids pester for healthy food as much as for junk food

Campaigners have been putting pressure on brands that use toys to sell unhealthy foods after an Australian study revealed the scale of the impact they have on what kids want to eat.

Heart disease, stroke present highest mortality risk for elderly with high BMI: Singapore study

Cardiovascular disease and stroke are the two main causes of mortality in overweight and obese individuals aged 65 and above, according to a study led by the National University of Singapore (NUS).

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