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Ficci report: One-third of Indian pesticides are dangerous fakes

Plus: SL health minister demands tough response to NCD epidemic; FAO applauds Nepal’s constitutional food rights provisions; Spice update: Chilli princes through the roof, though ginger has stabilised; and Gujarat shrimp farm debuts India’s first automated harvester.

Entrepreneur looks to add beer syrup to the craft cocktail lexicon

Craft beer is a versatile drink, with flavors spanning from light and fruity to dark and ashy. Kentucky native Russ Meredith has taken versatility a step further, concocting a way craft beer can be used in cocktails, as a meat glaze and even on top of waffles.

Maggi fall-out

Food bodies demand criminal inquiry into ‘corrupt’ FSSAI practices

Industry groups have called for a criminal investigation into the practices of India’s food regulator, it has emerged.

Chinese firm creates 50 UK jobs

Chinese food manufacturer Freshasia will open a new production facility in Little Melton, south Norfolk, creating more than 50 jobs, thanks to securing investment from a number of funders.

China direct

China enacts ‘toughest food safety law yet’

Plus: 10 charged in wake of Shanghai expired meat scandal; Canada could become major net food exporter to China; and Traders to use online traceability system.

New lutein and zeaxanthin forms launched

Ingredient giants DSM and Kemin have debuted forms of lutein and zeaxanthin for use in tablets and soft gels via their partnership on the eye health carotenoids.

Far East digest

McDonald’s registers first growth after 19-month slump

Plus: Morinaga's BB536 probiotic now 100% gluten free; Taiwan must transform food export segment; and India’s Ruchi forms Japanese JV for soybean germ oil distribution.

Europe increases pressure on Thailand over illegal fishing: 'Yellow card' update

The European Union (EU) will make a decision on whether to ban fish imports from Thailand by December, while the EU gave out ‘yellow cards’ for illegal fishing to Comoros and Taiwan. 

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