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Mead Johnson Nutrition to pay $12m to settle SEC China bribery charges

Mead Johnson Nutrition has agreed to pay $12m (€10.9m) to settle a US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) investigation into the "promotional practices" of its Chinese business.

This week Down Under

Unhealthy Australia now one of the world’s biggest salt consumers

Plus: Chips healthier than bran cereal? Health stars suggest that may be the case; Gin gaining ground on Australia’s favourite white spirit; Supermarkets luring socially aware veggie shoppers away from markets; and The week’s regulatory activity

Lack of dairy-based fat in human diet may lead to prediabetes, dolphin study suggests

Heptadecanoic acid, a saturated fat found in dairy products, may actually help stop prediabetes in its tracks, says a National Marine Mammal Foundation study.

Blendhub Corp. to open 40 factories in the next 3 years as processed food sales reach $8tn in 2016

Blendhub Corp. has set up its third Portable Powder Blending plant (PPB) in Mexico, after Spain and India, as it plans to open 40 factories in the next three years claiming processed food sales will reach $8trillion in 2016.

Is one large weekly dose of omega-3 more effective than smaller daily doses?

A big weekly dose of omega-3s may lead to greater omega-3 deposits in body tissues than smaller daily doses, says a new study from Australia.

Special Edition: Feed Safety

Experts identify inherent risks in algae, insects as feed and call for more robust risk assessment measures

Heightened national risk assessment is seen as decisive in mitigating both existing and new hazards, said the two bodies behind a recent international feed risk analysis event in Rome.

South Asia radius

20% of Indian food tests revealed adulterated or misbranded products

Plus: Government rules out ceding to US labelling request; Nestlé proposes new India head in wake of Maggi affair; FSSAI must hurry up with nutraceutical regulations; and Snacking Vadodara housewives at massive risk of diabetes than those who work

Chinese scientists detect melamine in white gold using real gold

Chinese scientists have developed a method to detect melamine in milk and infant formula using gold nanoparticles. 

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