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South Asia radius

Supreme Court judges compel authorities to get tougher on adulteration

Also: Government to reassess India’s approach to trade negotiations; Good season for ginger, though cardamom and chill having tough time.

Market research

Asian shoppers more likely to check labels than Americans

Asian consumers are even more likely to weigh up food labels than their American and European counterparts before deciding which products to buy. More often than not, clean label will get the nod.

Telling the story behind Australian wine will boost standing in global markets, says Wine Australia

Global perceptions of Australian wine fall short of the high-quality reality, says Wine Australia, as it prioritises increasing appreciation of the country’s products.   

Nestlé to open $120m food processing plant in Dubai, creating 400 jobs

Nestlé is investing $120m in a 175,000m² manufacturing facility in Dubai to produce Nescafé coffee and Maggi products, creating 400 jobs.

Fighting food scandals

Scientists devise new test to identify gutter oils faster

A Hong Kong university has figured out a new way to screen for so-called “gutter oils” quickly while identifying edible oils that are safe to eat.

China direct

Ageing, fattening China witnessing shift towards chronic diseases

Ageing China witnessing shift towards chronic diseases; Chinese prosecutors given greater bite to tackle corruption and food safety; Givaudan aims to double production after opening of new China factory

Far East digest

Taiwan gives its health guidelines some new teeth

Taiwan gives its health guidelines some teeth; Import disqualifications rise sharply following inspection regime change; Connell Bros takes on FMC account; BK black burgers came from Angry Whopper idea; Scottish goods a hit for Japanese consumers

Soapbox: Guest article

Quality is more than compliance

The provision of high quality products is fundamental to the goal of the complementary medicines industry of enhancing consumers’ health.

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