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'High-speed households’ suggests a Chinese two-speed economy is coming

Despite the recent slowdown in China’s economic growth, a vibrant group of high-speed households there will rapidly increase their spending between 2015 and 2020, according to a major new survey.

Dateline Southeast Asia

Aggressive food marketing throwing up weighty problem in Philippines

The last week in SE Asia. Aggressive food marketing throwing up weighty problem in Philippines; Annus horribilis continues for agriculture in Laos; Protectionist Philippines among region’s least open to FDI; Food poisoning on the rise in Vietnam

UK is biggest online grocery market after China

The UK’s online grocery market – valued at £9.57bn a year – is the globe’s second largest after China and is poised for further rapid growth, predicts the grocery think tank IGD.

Increased calorie availability ‘more than enough’ to explain obesity epidemic, says WHO bulletin report

Increases in the food energy supply in many countries of the world, leading to a higher availability of cheap energy-dense foods, is more than enough to explain a concurrent increase in body weight and obesity epidemic, say researchers. 

This week Down Under

Rosacea trials show significant improvement after Kiwi honey treatment

The last seven days in the antipodes. Rosacea trials show significant improvement after honey treatment; Aussies would pay more for healthier vending snacks; Australia must keep up with rivals’ agricultural productivity; NZ rules out sugar tax; and What’s Australia’s cup of tea?


Decades-old beef 'originally came from American reserves'

Before it was sold to food stalls and restaurants in China, much of the expired meat that has been all over recent headlines in the country had originally been part of American food reserves that were smuggled in through Hong Kong in the ‘Seventies and ‘Eighties.

Sugary drinks duty of 20% could lead to 2,400 fewer diabetes cases, says study

A 20% duty on sugary drinks in England could result in 2,400 fewer cases of type 2 diabetes and 1,700 fewer cases of stroke and coronary heart disease, according to a study from Food Active. 

China tops RASFF notifications by country of origin

China topped the RASFF notifications by country of origin with 413 last year, followed by Turkey (201), India (199), Spain (166) and USA (164).

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