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This week Down Under

Start-up’s superfood extract proves effective in killing superbug

Plus: Researchers begin clinical trial to assess sailuotong’s benefits for dementia; Sugar-free drinks just as harmful to tooth enamel, study finds; Kiwi obesity campaigner to bow out in frustration; and Blackmores launches fortified superfoods range.

Ashwagandha root extract shows sports nutrition potential

Supplements of ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) root extract may improve muscle strength, size, and recovery, say results of a new randomized, prospective, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study.

Prepare for slavery act or risk ‘disaster’

Food and drink businesses with a turnover of more than £36M a year should prepare now to comply with the new Modern Slavery Act or risk “disaster”, warns law firm Roythornes, after Nestlé revealed plans to stamp out labour abuses in its supply chain

Australian consumer watchdog finds Arnott's Biscuit sat fat claim misleading

Arnott's Biscuit has removed a "75% less saturated fat" claim from Shapes Light & Crispy after ACCC found it misleading to consumers

Agar supply hit by seaweed shortage

Thermo Fisher Scientific has temporarily stopped selling two agars due to a shortage in the seaweed used to make them.

South Asia radius

Obesity not just the domain of India’s wealthy classes, report finds

Plus: India readies to combat malnutrition through fortification programme; Food processing minister calls for FDI in produce retailing; and e-Commerce start-up brings ayurvedic formulation to an app.

Brown seaweed extract battles cancer

Health evidence for fucoidan stacks up as a new Australian study finds that the seaweed polysaccharide has potential to battle Helictobacter pylori-related diseases and gastric cancer through an anti-adhesion mechanism.

UK government:‘There is no one definition of sustainable palm oil’

Legally defining sustainability: Edible palm oil must follow in biofuel footsteps

Voluntary measures and government targets are great – but it is legislation that will push European palm oil users to true sustainability. The food sector could learn a lesson or two from biofuel here.

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