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If Mexico’s soda tax really works, why are tax revenues still rising?

A widely reported study on Mexico's soda tax is zealous and flawed in many ways, writes Katherine Rich, chief executive of the New Zealand Food and Grocery Council. 

This week Down Under

Study: No benefits for children from reduced-fat dairy diet

Plus: Scientists may have linked energy drinks with heart palpitations; Natural healthcare stakes case for Australian government policy; Fsanz calls for public submissions on herbicide-tolerant modified corn; and Coca-Cola launches Fuze Tea backed by ‘multi-million dollar’ campaign.

Soy intake may slash heart disease risk by 12%, but only for equol producers

Soy supplements may reduce the risk of cardiovascular risk for people able to produce equol, a microbial-derived metabolite of the isoflavone daidzein, but equol supplements themselves may not have the same effects, says a new study.

Asian noodles hold promise, but consumer education is needed, Packaged Facts says

Despite hitting spot-on several major trends driving food sales today, Asian noodles are struggling to gain traction in the US because many consumers are unaware of, daunted by or have misconceptions about them, according to a new report from Packaged Facts. 

Bucha wants to bridge sweet fizzy beverage drinkers to kombucha

Washington-based American Brewing Company started with beer and expanded its product line to include kombucha. Its brand, Bucha, has been credited as one of the fastest growing breakout brands in a report by The Hartman Group.

Japan lifts ban on Danish beef imports

Japan has ended its 15-year ban on the imports of Danish beef after long-running mad cow disease fears were addressed by European politicians.

South Asia radius

Indian unicorn becomes first to break even in food delivery market

Plus: Indian brewers: Lowering beer tax would do ‘immense good to society’; Nestlé launches three drinking water plants for local communities.

Halal market expected to witness 10.8% annual growth until 2019

Worldwide spending on halal food and lifestyle products could rise 10.8% per year until 2019 and will create an international industry worth US$3.7tr, according to the latest Global Islamic Economy Report.

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