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Fighting food scandals

Scientists devise new test to identify gutter oils faster

A Hong Kong university has figured out a new way to screen for so-called “gutter oils” quickly while identifying edible oils that are safe to eat.

China direct

Ageing, fattening China witnessing shift towards chronic diseases

Ageing China witnessing shift towards chronic diseases; Chinese prosecutors given greater bite to tackle corruption and food safety; Givaudan aims to double production after opening of new China factory

Far East digest

Taiwan gives its health guidelines some new teeth

Taiwan gives its health guidelines some teeth; Import disqualifications rise sharply following inspection regime change; Connell Bros takes on FMC account; BK black burgers came from Angry Whopper idea; Scottish goods a hit for Japanese consumers

Soapbox: Guest article

Quality is more than compliance

The provision of high quality products is fundamental to the goal of the complementary medicines industry of enhancing consumers’ health.

Cargill disagrees with South Korean feed cartel ruling

Cargill may challenge the ruling of South Korea’s competition authority that claims the company was part of an animal feed price rigging cartel over a number of years. 


'High-speed households’ suggests a Chinese two-speed economy is coming

Despite the recent slowdown in China’s economic growth, a vibrant group of high-speed households there will rapidly increase their spending between 2015 and 2020, according to a major new survey.

Dateline Southeast Asia

Aggressive food marketing throwing up weighty problem in Philippines

The last week in SE Asia. Aggressive food marketing throwing up weighty problem in Philippines; Annus horribilis continues for agriculture in Laos; Protectionist Philippines among region’s least open to FDI; Food poisoning on the rise in Vietnam

UK is biggest online grocery market after China

The UK’s online grocery market – valued at £9.57bn a year – is the globe’s second largest after China and is poised for further rapid growth, predicts the grocery think tank IGD.

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