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Ingredion increases bakery snack texturisers line

Ingredion has grown its Precisa Crisp line of texturises for the Asia-Pacific snack industry with four new products.

Poor nutrition a major preventable risk factor in China cancer deaths: Study

Seven per cent of all cancer deaths in Chinese men can be attributed to poor nutrition, new research has revealed.


Roha solves curcumin solution issues to deliver Bright Yellow shade

Indian colours major Roha has released Natracol Bright Yellow, a water-dispersible curcumin liquid that imparts a bright yellow shade in confectionery applications.

Changing consumer demands fuel new innovations in coffee and tea

New varieties of coffee and tea drinks are putting a spin on Asia’s staple beverages, thanks to consumer demand for new flavours and concepts.

Child and teen obesity: Interventions have bigger impact on adolescents

A combination of diet, physical activity and behavioural change interventions appear to reduce weight more in children aged 12 to 17 than those aged six to 11, according to a...

Dateline Southeast Asia

Quality trumps price for time-poor urban Thai consumers

The quality of a product is more important to Thai consumers than its price, according to Mintel research.

KFC Australia’s ‘logical next step’ is home delivery

Kentucky Fried Chicken’s Australian arm is branching into home delivery. 

Cash incentives to lose weight: Could this help solve Asia’s obesity epidemic?

Academics in Singapore say giving obese people cash incentives to lose weight could help stem the rise in non-communicable diseases.

This week Down Under

Woolworths rebrands healthier private-label line

Woolworths has launched a new reformulated and rebranded private-label food range created by nutritionists and chefs.

Mediterranean diet linked to rheumatoid arthritis benefits: Japan study

Adopting a Mediterranean diet, rich in monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA), could help suppress disease activity in rheumatoid arthritis patients, researchers in Japan report.

Powerful protein: Edible insects packing a punch

Michi Abe, founder of Abundance Food, launched the ProPro energy bar last year in Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. 

Can we learn to love cheese? It depends on the variety

Gorgonzola and Parmigiano-Reggiano won’t taste better no matter how many times you try them, according to a Korean study.

Switching from sucrose to fructose lowers insulin and blood glucose in the obese and diabetics

Swapping table sugar for fruit-derived sugar helps reduce blood glucose, especially in people who are overweight or have diabetes, a new review has reported.

Five principles to navigate the 'shopper revolution'

The global food industry is in a state of revolution, making it more challenging than ever for retailers and manufacturers to stay one step ahead of shoppers’ changing needs.


Label descriptions make us more emotional about wine

Researchers have found that consumers are much more influenced by wine label descriptions than had previously been thought.

Entrepreneurs weigh in: As the US flavor trend landscape responds to globalization, just saying 'Asian' is not enough

Matcha, kimchi, and adobo are just a few among the popular flavors from Asia that one can easily stumble upon in US grocery stores and restaurants.

Students help devise alcohol-free Japanese soy sauce

Muslim students have been enlisted by a Japanese condiments manufacturer to help develop a new halal soy sauce which it hopes to begin exporting to Southeast Asia later this year.

Mintel: 13% of Asia-Pacific product launches carry halal claim

With food accounting for nearly two-thirds of business in the global halal economy, there has been a flurry of new product activity in Asia-Pacific.

New trials show ‘multiple health benefits’ from consuming mango: Industry body

Several emerging human studies on mango consumption are reporting improved blood pressure, blood sugar control and gut health, according to the National Mango Board.

Crucial role of ethnicity and breastfeeding for infant gut microbiota revealed

There are considerable differences in the gut bacteria of children of South Asian heritage compared to Caucasians, with a new study highlighting the strong influence played by ethnicity and breastfeeding. ...

Best Australian brews named at beer Oscars

Victorian brewery White Rabbit has had its white ale named champion domestic beer at the Australian International Beer Awards.

Aussies looking to Asia for greens as oriental veggie sales spike

Pak choi and tom bok have been spiking in popularity in Australia, according to a report that found sales of Asian vegetables had jumped by almost a quarter last year.

South East Asia’s US$10bn obesity bombshell: New report reveals economic cost of health epidemic

The annual economic cost of obesity in South East Asia could be as high as US$10bn, a number that could rocket to $45bn if people who are currently overweight go...


Aldi continues to rise while Woolworths’ fortunes stay in the doldrums

Aldi’s share of Australia’s A$90bn (US$67bn) supermarket budget continues to grow, at the expense of both Woolworths’ and IGA’s slices of the market.  

Australia, NZ most obese OECD countries in APAC

Australia and New Zealand are now among the OECD’s five most obese nations, while Japan and South Korea are the two least obese nations on the list, according to the...

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