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Supply chain

Supply chain

Delivering appropriate food from farm to fork, safely and in time, is no mean feat in parts of the world with poor infrastructure and extreme weather conditions. It requires close cooperation between actors at every stage in the chain.

What does Greenpeace's palm oil report mean for IOI & RSPO?

Greenpeace's damning report on Malaysian palm oil supplier IOI, just one month after its membership of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) was renewed, could be damaging for the...

This week Down Under

Courts gag campaigner after ‘toxic’ Capilano honey remarks

A victorian beekeeper who accused a leading Queensland honey manufacturer of selling “toxic” foreign products has been gagged by the courts ahead of legal action.

News in brief

Market update: Indian herbs and spices

Delayed monsoon rains in the main growing regions of India, allied with steady demand from China, have supported chilli prices recently. 


Coca-Cola to train 350k grocery students with emphasis on food safety

Coca-Cola University aims to train 350,000 students how to run groceries and convenience stores by the end of next year.

Greenpeace activists block IOI palm oil at Rotterdam port

Greenpeace activists are blocking palm oil imports from Malaysian trader IOI at Rotterdam harbour in protest at the firm's involvement in forest destruction, peatland fires and use of child labour....

South Asia radius

FSSAI releases new e-commerce regulations for public consultation

A newly drafted policy by India’s food regulator will hold all e-commerce entities responsible for the quality of food they serve to customers. 

Tongan field school breaks new ground for young farmers

More than 20 farmers from ‘Eua Island in Tonga recently graduated from the first school in the Pacific to teach young farmers how to grow and sell more food with...

Thai poultry firm threatens to sue NGO

A chicken supplier in Thailand may open a lawsuit against a non-governmental organisation (NGO) over alleged claims of human trafficking. 

US picks WTO 'feed' fight with China

The US has challenged China through the World Trade Organization (WTO) regarding government support of wheat, corn and rice. 

Calls for Asian sugar tax as Kiwi review awards poor marks to Mexico

The World Health Organisation has asked countries on the west side of the Pacific to consider imposing a tax on all soft drinks in a bid to tackle rising rates...

Infant formula intake and protein guidelines queried in Southeast Asia

There is concern about the considerable variance in the recommended consumption levels of infant formula and follow-on formula in Asia and questions over the amount of protein they are required...

Chinese preliminary decision on anti-dumping duties a ‘disappointment’ - US trade groups

China is bringing anti-dumping duties of 33.8% against the US for sales of DDGS, claiming damage was done to the domestic market. 

News in brief

China penalizes US DDGS suppliers

China's Ministry of Commerce has decided to impose anti-dumping duties on distiller's dried grains (DDGs) from the US, according to Xinhua news agency.

Gulf ‘food gap’ widens as 90% of supplies are shipped from abroad

The Gulf imports nearly 90% of its food, according to a study into the food gap across the region.

Gulf countries breached Australian slaughter rules for Eid sacrifices

Australian livestock exporters have identified unapproved supply chains in use in the Middle East over the recent Eid al Adha festival of sacrifice.

Dubai prepares to be home to world’s first global halal standard

The UAE is poised to unveil the world’s first international halal certification network as the Dubai-based International Halal Accreditation Forum drafts a set of bylaws that should come into operation...

Australian meat bodies clash over data criticism

The war of words between Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) and the Australian Beef Association (ABA) has escalated, following criticism of the MLA’s Eastern Young Cattle Indicator (EYCI).

Southeast Asia

Food companies have role to play in tackling obesity and malnutrition

Manufacturers must re-engineer processed foods share research in a bid to tackle the double burden of malnutrition across Southeast Asia.


Salt-tolerance breakthrough: Animal protein also found in crops

Australian researchers have made a breakthrough in investigating salt tolerance in plants which could lead to new salt tolerant varieties of crops, and also answer unresolved questions in plant biology.

Fast-food chains lead the way in contributing to India’s CO2 emissions

A report by an international NGO which has studied some of the fastest growing multinational fast-food chains in India has warned that just eight of the companies combined could contribute...

Australian grain yields up, but aphid could lead to big crop losses

The newly released official forecast of crop productivity in South Australia predicts that the 2016-17 winter harvest will be 12% above the five-year average, though the discovery of an aphid...

USDA: Egyptian livestock feed costs high despite low global commodity pricing

Despite global commodity prices being at their lowest levels in years, livestock producers in Egypt face surging input costs on the back of a depreciating Egyptian Pound, according to the...

News in brief

Fonterra says incident at Edendale plant not an explosion

Fonterra says all employees at its Edendale milk processing plant in New Zealand are safe following the collapse of a raw milk silo on Friday afternoon.

Price of raw milk declines as China increases Lucerne imports: Dairy Association of China

China has imported 52,825 tons of liquid milk in July this year, a 35% increase compared to the same period last year, according to the latest report from the Dairy...


Kanga bangas: Firm plans to set up ‘roo factory in Europe

The world’s largest premium kangaroo meat distributor is set to establish a processing plant in Europe to target the home cooking market.

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