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Supply chain

Supply chain

Delivering appropriate food from farm to fork, safely and in time, is no mean feat in parts of the world with poor infrastructure and extreme weather conditions. It requires close cooperation between actors at every stage in the chain.

Dateline Southeast Asia

Halal recognition opens door for UAE food exports to Malaysia

Food exports between the UAE and Malaysia are set to increase after authorities in the Southeast Asian nation agreed to recognise the UAE's national certification and halal mark. 

China invests heavily in Dubai food hub

Dubai Food Park will feature a Chinese food processing cluster following a pledge to invest AED1.35bn (US$367m) by Ningxia Forward Fund Management Company.

Qatar food inflation recovers despite Saudi-led sanctions

Qatar's government might have succeeded in reducing the impact of economic sanctions placed on it by other Arab countries after official figures reported that food price inflation had eased during...

Halal recognition opens door for UAE food exports to Malaysia

Food exports between the UAE and Malaysia are set to increase after authorities in the Southeast Asian nation agreed to recognise the UAE's national certification and halal mark. 

Halal economy predicted to reach $6.4tr in 2018

The global halal economy is estimated to grow to US$6.4tr by 2018, according to a new report that predicts US$50bn worth of products will be imported by GCC states alone....

News in brief

Cargill buys unused feedmill in central Thailand

An unused feed mill in Thailand’s Prachinburi province has been acquired by Cargill to produce poultry and swine feed.


Industry leaders on edge after Duterte vows to abolish sugar promoter

Industry heads are resigned to the fate of their segment’s official promoter, which the Philippines president recently vowed to close in a bid to streamline government and curb corruption.


Scientists develop cooking oil to combat mercury pollution

Waste cooking oil from cafes and fast food outlets is being used to capture mercury pollution from Australian mine sites and industrial plants.

Australia to open doors to US, Japanese and Dutch beef

America will soon be allowed to export beef to America for the first time in 15 years, following a government report review.

This week Down Under

Suppliers must expand ethical sourcing to avoid Aldi sanctions

Aldi suppliers are being required to enhance their ethical sourcing practices as the discount retailer shifts its focus to corporate social responsibility.


Linfox buys out Lion from BevChain distribution joint-venture

Australian logistics major Linfox has bought out Lion’s 50% stake in BevChain for an undisclosed sum and will take full control of the drinks distribution and warehousing group.

Man United and Malaysian halal e-tailer kick off global partnership

Manchester United and Aladdin Group, the owner of Malaysian Halal e-commerce retailer AladdinStreet, signed a global partnership deal in March. 

Will AmazonFresh disrupt Australia's bricks-and-mortar market?

After months of industry speculation, American e-commerce giant Amazon finally confirmed in March that it will expand into Australia by the end of 2018.

Cross-border e-commerce pursues dramatic growth, but can it continue?

The sheer scale of demand for Australian and New Zealand goods in China has been revealed in a striking report—though indications suggests that cross-border e-commerce might soon have reached its...

Qatar in decent shape despite Saudi-backed blockade

Qatar's government has “effectively” protected the economy against sanctions imposed by neighbouring countries, according to an International Monetary Fund official. 

American corn promoters make a charge into Saudi grain industry

Saudi Arabia has imported roughly twice as much American corn and associated products this year due to a change in government policy and more competitive prices for the commodity.

Bangladesh needs to adopt global standards to become a major exporter

Bangladesh’s government must adopt “as many international standards as possible” if it is to realise the country’s export potential for processed food, a food safety conference heard in Dhaka....

China publishes ‘colouring foods’ standard

Chinese officials have published a new standard to provide regulatory certainty for the definition of “colouring foods”.

News in brief

‘Passive’ Vietnamese exporters struggling to cope with US regulations

Vietnamese food exporters remain “passive and sluggish” in complying with the demands of their target markets, especially America.

News in brief

AGCO ties up with CP Foods to manufacture meat tech in China

Global agri-equipment supplier AGCO will begin manufacturing protein production equipment in China through a joint-venture with CP Foods.

Brands must respond to consumer trends to ape Chinese e-sales success

Korea and China have set the pace for e-commerce to disrupt FMCG retail in Asia-Pacific, leaving online sales in other market lagging behind.

Mixed reaction to Chinese cooked chicken import plans

Plans to allow China to export cooked chicken from poultry slaughtered in the country to the US have prompted strong reactions from both sides of the debate.

This week Down Under

Details of new Woolworths concept revealed in court

Woolworths’ plans for its new foodservice concept store have been revealed during a recent legal dispute over retail tenancies.

Chinese firm sees first pork shipment to Tajikstan

A Chinese meat processor is celebrating the export of 22 tons of chilled pork to the central Asian state of Tajikistan. 

Foodstuff most frequently intercepted counterfeit product

Foodstuff was the most frequently intercepted counterfeit product during a joint World Customs Organization (WCO) operation in Asia Pacific.

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