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Only an improved cold chain can raise farmers’ income

By RJ Whitehead

Though the government has embarked on a number of projects over recent years to improve farm production, some states are yet to realise the importance of post-harvest management and have been missing out in revenue as a result, according to agriculture...

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Cadbury vows to ‘secure' jobs while announcing 50 redundancies

By RJ Whitehead

Though Mondelēz has billed its new plans to invest A$75m (US$60m) into upgrading its Hobart Cadbury factory as a move to “secure local jobs”, it has at the same time revealed that nearly 10% of jobs will be shed in the process.

Indian food losses open doors for cold chain consultancies

Indian food losses open doors for cold chain consultancies

By Ankush Chibber

A lack of an appropriate cold chain infrastructure and increasing food losses in India has opened the doors for Ingersoll Rand India Ltd to begin offering cold chain consultancy services in the country, the company said last week.


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