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The FDA says US food is safe from pesticide contamination.

US food safe from pesticide contamination

By Jenni Spinner

A US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) representitive claims that consumers can rest assured that the recent deaths of Indian schoolchildren from pesticide-contaminated lunches will not repeat in America.

Beijing gets tough on lax food safety standards

Beijing gets tough on lax food safety standards

By RJ Whitehead

The Beijing municipal government will soon introduce a strict law, as well as an accountability system, to ensure food safety in the city. The move follows measures recently taken by Shanghai to blacklist firms that ignore health regulations.

FSANZ wants input from industry on GM corn line

FSANZ body calls for submission on GM corn line application

By Ankush Chibber

The trans-Tasman food standards watchdog has called for submissions on an application to change the Food Standards Code to allow food derived from a genetically modified (GM) corn line to be sold in the region.


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