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China: Opening its mind to new sectors and markets, analyst

China is consolidating, but diversifying?

By Kacey Culliney

China’s food and beverage market is undergoing consolidation – much of which is being achieved through rampant acquisitions across new market sectors and countries, according to an analyst.

Indian sugar been flagged as pesticide-free by study

India sugar is pesticide free, says study

By Ankush Chibber

The pesticide food safety issue that has tainted India’s sugar market for more than a decade has been cleared in the wake of a study suggesting India-produced sugar is pesticide free.

TFAs are coming under scrutiny in India

Indian regulators harden healthy foods stance

By Ankush Chibber

Stung by a recent report that damned many of India’s top food brands for containing high amounts of sugar, salt, and fats, the country’s food regulators are moving against the worst offenders.

Manufacturers need to build environmental strategies around Chinese consumer behaviour: The Carbon Trust

Carbon-conscious China: Food manufacturers take heed

By Kacey Culliney

China is concerned about the environmental footprint of food manufacturers, more-so than the US, according to new research, prompting a re-think for firms who base Asian environmental strategies on Western consumer demands.

Stevia used to enrich aquaculture feed and drive production

Stevia-nourished seafood, a novel usage

By Kacey Culliney

US farm management company, Stevia Corp, has formulated stevia-supplemented fish feed in a bid to drive sustainable aquaculture and increase production volumes across Asia.

More regulations please, say Australian execs

Retail regulation a must, say Australian industry execs

By Ankush Chibber

Australia’s food and grocery sector desperately needs greater regulation in the retail sector and more transparency around foreign direct investment, Australian industry executives said in a new survey.

India's seafood industry, shaken up by new mandatory registration

Red tape threatens Indian seafood exports

By Ankush Chibber

A new bureaucratic diktat in India is threatening to derail the country’s thriving seafood trade – despite the vehement protests from other government agencies.

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