Supply chain

Monash University's Mark Wahlqvist

Study labels food security as important as world peace

By RJ Whitehead

New research suggests that securing a sustainable supply of nutritious food to feed the world’s fast-growing population is as big an issue as fighting wars, preventing disease and saving the environment.

India's supply chain lags far behind that of other countries

FDI throws a lifeline to India's crumbling supply chain

By RJ Whitehead

As the dust settles on Friday’s announcement by the Indian government to finally allow foreign direct investment in multi-brand retail, it is becoming clear that the country’s beleaguered supply chain will be one of the major winners.

As fish consumption soars, the pressure is on to feed the globe sustainably...

Aquaculture growth: The "double-edged sword"

By Kacey Culliney

With fish consumption rates soaring and wild fishing stagnating, efforts must be pumped into the sustainable growth of aquaculture, a new report suggests.

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