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Purac is a leading company in the production and marketing of food ingredients and biobased chemicals and is worldwide market leader in (natural) food preservation.

Purac operates production plants in the USA, the Netherlands, Spain, Brazil and Thailand and markets its products through a worldwide network of sales offices and distributors. Purac is headquartered in The Netherlands and is a part of CSM.

Commonly, the challenge of increased shelf life and food safety of your product is easily tackled with chemical additives such as benzoate and sorbate. However, the trend towards more natural ingredients is starting to put pressure on the manufacturer to step away from these chemical additives to satisfy the market need(s).

Increasing shelf life and foodsafety provides extra flexibility for retailers and convenience for consumers and protect the brand image throughout the distribution chain from factory to consumer. Extra safety is a must as shelf life increases. In Europe, 20% of all alert notifications transmitted through the Rapid Alerts System for Food and Feed (RASFF) were associated with (potentially) pathogenic microorganisms (annual report, 2007). From microbial spoilage and pathogen control in food products, reduced stickiness of confectionery products to purge control in meat, Purac has a variety of (natural) food ingredient solutions for extending the shelf life and increasing the food safety of your food product. In addition Purac is continuously innovating and developing new products to make sure we will offer solutions which will fit your future needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us when you have specific questions or in need of specific information.

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