Hilmar: Use Hilmar<sup>TM</sup> whey proteins instead of eggs

Use Hilmar™ whey proteins instead of eggs

Whey proteins can partially or completely replace eggs including whole egg, egg yolk and egg white in applications ranging from baked goods to salad dressings. Functionally, whey protein concentrate (+70% protein) can provide emulsification, gelation and viscosity; and whey protein isolate (+90% protein) can provide whipping and foaming. Like egg, nutritionally whey proteins are a complete protein and provide all the amino acids necessary for good health.

If you are considering egg replacement, check with us first. We can help with formulations and development advice on applications from cakes to sauces.


Hilmar™ 7000Whey Protein Concentrate​ is a functional 70% WPC ideal for emulsified and processed food systems. An economical protein, it is rich in phospholipids, offers good emulsification, browning and acid and heat stability.

Hilmar™ 8200 Whey Protein Concentrate​ is an excellent replacement for eggs including whole egg, egg yolk and egg powder. It is a particularly effective emulsifier, adds viscosity and contributes to product creaminess and opacity. Because Hilmar™ 8200​ retains its functionality in acidic conditions, it can be used for fruit-based formulations, dressings and sauces. In baked goods and mixes, Hilmar™ 8200​ aids in emulsifying fat and improving texture by maintaining moisture content and volume.

Hilmar™ 9000 Whey Protein Isolate​ is a highly functional WPI with clean flavor and acid and heat stability. An outstanding choice for egg white replacement in aerated products, Hilmar™ 9400​ whips well, providing an excellent degree of aeration and foam stability to the final product.


Whey Protein Isolates

Naturally derived from fresh, sweet whey, Hilmar™ ​Whey Protein Isolates are complete proteins – with all the amino acids in an optimum blend for human health. At 90% protein, WPIs deliver a maximum level of protein with almost no fat or carbohydrate. Couple those nutritional advantages with formulation benefits that include clarity, clean taste and selectable viscosity, there is almost no beverage that can’t be improved with WPI.

With thin-as-water viscosity, Hilmar™ WPIs make possible light beverages, such as fortified waters and isotonics. Protein shots can have protein concentrations of 18 or 19% without unpalatable thickening. Acid and heat stability allow Hilmar™ WPIs to withstand the rigors of juice fortification, pasteurization and heat processing.

Hilmar™ WPIs are also excellent choices for improving the nutrition in foods like snack bars, frozen desserts, baked goods and soups or sauces.

Whey Protein Hydrolysates

Whey proteins contain bioactive components that may positively affect cardiovascular health. In particular, these components can inhibit activity of the body’s angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE), which causes blood vessels to constrict, and thereby help to reduce blood pressure. When produced under specific manufacturing conditions, including selected enzymes and other hydrolysis parameters, whey protein hydrolysates have been shown to be an especially good source of this ACE inhibition effect.

Hilmar Ingredients employs just such conditions when producing the Hilmar line of whey protein hydrolysates. All contain ACE inhibition activity as well as having individual advantages in flavor, dispersibility and function.

High Purity Lactose

Hilmar Ingredients’ lactose provides a key source of carbohydrate that contributes to the overall value of a food or beverage.

Extensive investment in refining processes enables us to offer lactose in three progressively more purified grades: edible, refined edible and ultra refined. Along with purity grades, Hilmar™ lactose is available in several mesh sizes including traditional 100 and 200 mesh. Through an investment in milling technology and knowledge of moisture migration, we also offer a superior, finely milled 325 mesh lactose for high-end confectionery use.

Company Profile

Our California headquarters is the world’s largest single-site manufacturing operation for cheese and whey products. It’s also home to our new Innovation Center containing the latest pilot plant and applications equipment, test kitchen and sampling area. A second facility in Dalhart, Texas, expands the flexibility of our whey protein production, assuring customers of consistent, year-round product availability. And our proximity to the Ports of Oakland (CA) and Houston (TX) allows for easy access to the world’s markets. We are SQF certified and both facilities meet the requirements of the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) for food safety systems. Our products are Kosher, Halal and EU certified. At Hilmar Ingredients, we take seriously our responsibility to manage our business in a manner that balances economic, social and environmental sustainability.