Foods Connected - Simple end to end software solutions.

Foods Connected - Simple end to end software solutions.

Foods Connected provide market leading end to end software solutions to cover seven key categories of need within the food industry: Food Safety & Quality, CSR, Procurement & Supply Chain, Reporting & Analytics, Specifications & NPD, Supplier Compliance and Traceability.

Coming from the food industry, we understand that without the right tools in place, keeping connected, up to speed and in control is painstaking, time consuming and costly. Foods Connected innovate & transform food supply chain processes giving our customers the control to ensure that they have the right supplier, the right product, the right quality at the best price possible.

Each solution and tool integrates seamlessly offering you full control over your crucial business areas. There is also flexibility to build a fully tailored solution selecting just the modules or tools you require. We are always collaborating with our customers to understand the changing problems and opportunities that the food industry and each sector faces and from this we develop innovative ideas and simple solutions to unlock real value in the industry.

Foods Connected is the best kept secret in the Food industry - used by the world’s largest retailers, food processing and manufacturing groups and service providers – as well as smaller, niche operators, because all the solutions are fully flexible and fully scalable.

Foods Connected. Simplified Control. For Food Professionals. By Food Professionals.