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Zinc citrate: “a useful alternative for preventing zinc deficiency

Dispatches from #FIE2013

Researchers back zinc citrate bioavailability


A just published study has found zinc citrate is equal to zinc gluconate and higher than zinc oxide in terms of bodily intake, research that could help battle regional deficiencies and conditions like diarrhea.

Mandatory regulation on trans fats has the biggest impact in the global market, says expert and author of WHO global review

Trans fats: The good, the bad, the global

By Kacey Culliney

The FDA’s move to consider GRAS status of trans fats should be applauded – it’s a clever move that should spark change, an expert says.

Europe: When dogma makes way for karma

Palm oil special

Europe: When dogma makes way for karma

By RJ Whitehead

Do consumers vote with their feet when it comes to palm oil? Probably not — or at least that seems to be the case in emerging markets, where the lion’s share of palm oil is processed and consumed.

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Which nations are the dairy growth markets of tomorrow?

By Fiona Barry

Which untapped region is set to become tomorrow's crucial dairy market?'s interactive guide shows the countries with most dairy growth in the last five years, and predicts which nations will be future dairy demand hotspots.

The term ‘food addiction’ makes us all addicts


The term ‘food addiction’ makes us all addicts

By Katherine Rich, CEO of the New Zealand Food & Grocery Council

A new theory that seems to be gaining momentum on the obesity front is food addiction. Apparently the world’s expanding waistline is as result of so many of us being addicted to food. 

Asia leads the way in food and drink brain health-based products

Special Edition: Brain-boosting ingredients

Global brain health market pushing $2bn mark as Asia and supplements shine

By Shane Starling

Sales of brain health boosting food supplements like omega-3s, the B vitamin group, vitamin C and phosphatidylserine are driving the category toward sales of €2bn globally, even as brain-boosting foods and beverages have endured a flat period.

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