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Coke or milk? A philosopher’s perspective


Coke or milk? A philosopher’s perspective

By Katherine Rich, CEO of the NZ Food & Grocery Council, and Julian Baggini

Food is a big part of all our lives not only providing sustenance, but enjoyment and a social experience. 

Confectionery sales have fallen

Asia Pacific driving global ingredients sales

By Gary Scattergood

Phytoestrogens, botanicals, cultures, polysaccharides and proteins are set to be the top five food and beverage ingredients, with the highest forecast growth rates globally.

Cargill says it has reduced supply chain risks with its new cultivated carrageenan texturizing products

Cargill cultivates carrageenan supply chain

By Annie-Rose Harrison-Dunn

Cargill says it is diversifying its carrageenans portfolio in both location and species to combat the associated supply risks of the texturing ingredient derived from seaweed.

The new CEO will oversea growth strategies for the Asia, Middle East and Africa region

PepsiCo eyes expansion with new AMEA CEO

PepsiCo has appointed a new chief executive officer for the Asia, Middle East and Africa (AMEA) region as it aims to bolster penetration in the region.

Showfloor blog: FI Asia-Thailand

Supply chain shocks driving Asian food producers to western quality

By Shane Starling in Bangkok

The non-Asian ingredient supply sector is fairly well represented here at Food Ingredients Asia-Thailand in Bangkok, but given current concerns about food supply chain security in the region, is probably still under-represented. Which is surprising…

Shanghai is home to CP Kelco regional headquarters, but new hubs and labs have recently spun off from east China

Fi Asia-Thailand

Doing business in Asia: CP Kelco’s all-in hub approach

By RJ Whitehead

With more and more global companies staking a claim in Asia’s growing countries, we have been looking at the directions some of the major players have taken to make the most of these new markets.

BJC: “We talk to them about what to bring to market and how and we come to a conclusion together.

FI Asia-Thailand

Distribution prime: ‘European approach is useless in Asia’

By Shane Starling at FI Asia-Thailand in Bangkok

One thing both niche players and the largest multinational suppliers like DSM, Tate & Lyle and Naturex have in common when it comes to doing business in Asia is their heavy reliance on local distributors.

Forget China, flavour firms should bank on Southeast Asia for growth

Fi Asia-Thailand

Forget China, flavour firms should bank on Southeast Asia for growth

By RJ Whitehead

Flavouring companies looking to expand across Asia should forget China. That’s the point San-Ei Gen’s David Tan was making as he spoke to FoodNavigator-Asia during Fi Asia-Thailand in Bangkok, adding that the youthful markets of Indonesia and the Philippines...

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