Untapping new opportunities with easy to digest dairy products

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Untapping new opportunities with easy to digest dairy products

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More than ever, digestibility has grown to be a critical issue for consumers as they are becoming increasingly aware of the impact of food on their health – holistically.
Dairy is well known for its high nutritional value, so consumers are looking for ways to increase their daily intake. At the same time, they are seeking for dairy products that are easy to digest and aid their overall digestive experience, which will contribute to their wellbeing. 
How do producers create new business opportunities from these trends, and find ways to increase profitability based on premiumization of dairy products? Furthermore, how will dairy manufacturers be able to differentiate in an already crowded space?
In this webinar, experts will highlight the latest market trends and insights, explore the role of digestibility in dairy products for consumers, and innovative solutions to help dairy producers stand out from the crowd.

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Michelle Michelle Teodoro Associate Director, Food Science, Asia Pacific

Manuel Manuel Metayer Sales Leader Australia & New Zealand
IFF Health and Biosciences

Jacob Jacob Ewert Application Scientist, Dairy Enzymes
IFF Health & Biosciences

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