Shelf-life Saviours: Boost Business By Extending Food and Beverage Lifespan

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Increase the shelf life of food and beverage products with better understanding of oxidation and the importance of antioxidants

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One the biggest challenges faced by food beverage manufacturers is maintaining the sensory appeal of products, while simultaneously extending shelf life.

This is doubly difficult due to the wide range of formulations and ingredients required across multiple categories.

The only similarity is that all products are at the mercy of shelf-life limitation in terms of taste, visual appeal and odour.

However, solutions can be found by developing an expert understanding of a product’s chemical and physical properties.

That’s why in this webinar, Kemin will be revealing the key role that antioxidants can play in combating product deterioration.

The presentation will provide a valuable toolkit for food manufacturers to incorporate antioxidants to boost not only shelf life, but also business growth and export potential.

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Dr Ban Dr. Lan Ban Research & Development Director
Kemin Food Technologies

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