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Sartorius DocuClip® and Docu-pHMeter

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Sartorius DocuClip® and Docu-pHMeter

Using pH meters shows how large the gap can be between theory and practice. With the DocuClip® and Docu-pHMeter, Sartorius has solved this in a simple way. Inseparably attached to the pH electrode, the DocuClip® saves and identifies the type designation and serial number of its "own" electrode. Moreover, DocuClip® securely stores the data of up to five complete calibration datasets in its "rolling memory". As soon as DocuClip® is connected to the Docu-pHMeter, the electrode data available in the DocuClip® are transmitted to the Docu-pHMeter, which uses these data for measurement evaluation and meticulous data recording. To find out more, simply fill in the form below.

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