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SPLENDA ® Sucralose, our no calorie sweetener

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Your consumers expect only the best. Discover ways that SPLENDA®​ Sucralose can help you delight them by delivering products with great-tasting sweetness and quality that’s second to none.

SPLENDA®​ Sucralose is a leading non-sugar, zero-calorie sweetener, has an unmatched sugar-like taste and sweetness profile, and is extremely stable. Over the last decade it has been used in the development of more than 5,000 products in over 80 countries because it:

• Has a sugar-like taste profile
• Has approximately 600 times the sweetening power of sugar
• Maintains its sweetness over a long shelf life
• Is exceptionally stable during a wide variety of manufacturing processes
• Has received approval from regulatory authorities around the world
• Works well in a broad range of food and beverage systems, including low pH environments and in the presence of live cultures
• Creates sweetness synergies with many nutritive and non-nutritive sweeteners

With SPLENDA®​ Sucralose you can reduce your overall recipe cost and let consumers enjoy nutritionally improved products with fewer sugars and calories, while your products retain their original taste and quality. The versatility and great sweet taste make it perfect for a variety of applications:

• Bakery
• Beverages
• Confectionery
• Dairy and ice cream products
• Dressings and sauces
• Processed fruits
• Nutritional supplements

Beverage OPTIMIZE™​ 
Tate & Lyle is one of the leading providers of distinctive, high quality ingredients and solutions for the food and beverage markets around the globe. We have launched new beverage prototypes as part of our global OPTIMIZE™ formulation service, which work directly with customers on reducing sugars. It helps food manufacturers to formulate food and drinks recipes which 
cost less but retain their original taste - using the company’s strong portfolio of high-quality sweetener options, including SPLENDA®​ Sucralose - the perfect choice for your products.