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New palm-oil free food stabiliser systems

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Tate & Lyle Food Systems offers palm-oil free stabiliser systems for a range of product applications

With the growing concerns over sustainability of palm oil, food producers are looking at options to eliminate palm oil from their products. To support companies with this task, formulation experts from Tate & Lyle Food Systems developed palm-oil free solutions for a range of emulsified products.

One example are HAMULSION® stabiliser systems for dairy cream toppings. We have developed an UHT topping where the emulsifying component with its palm oil content is replaced by a palm-free emulsifying system drawing on sunflower oil instead. Another one of our solutions is aimed at toppings with more than 18% fat and organic aspect. With this stabiliser system, there is no need to add an emulsifier at all. It is based on a combination of functional ingredients and suitable for organic UHT toppings without homogenisation process. Both stabiliser solutions ensure that the topping offers good processing characteristics, excellent whip ability and foam stability when applied on for example desserts.

For sauce and meal producers, we designed a HAMULSION® stabiliser system for creamy soups and sauces without palm oil: the stabiliser system emulsifies, thickens and stabilises to deliver a smooth texture, creaminess and shiny appearance. It is suitable for fat levels from 3 to 20% and supports pasteurisation, sterilisation or UHT process.

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