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HyadroColla™ Fish Hydrolyzed Collagen

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HyadroColla™ is Fenchem’s hydrolyzed fish collagen, treated with advanced enzymolysis biotechnology and modified into widely different molecules ranging from 500da-3000da. Characteristics of mild odor, fast solubility and excellent compatibility ensure it ideally applies in beauty drinks, capsules and tablets.Welcome to our booth 3354 at the coming IFT for detail information.

What we offer:

-Fish skin origin: 1000Da granule, pH3.5-4.5, for drink applications.
-Fish skin/scale origin: 1000Da granule, pH5-7, for capsule/tablet applications.

Advantages of HyadroColla:

-Wide molecular weight ranging from 500da-3000da
-Almost odorless & neutral taste
-Fast soluble in water forming a clear solution
-Excellent compatibility with other ingredients & heat-stable

-Strong technical support on application guide

About Fenchem

Fenchem is a science-based company specialized in developing and manufacturing nutrition and food ingredients. Focusing on natural products development, Fenchem established a professional identity control management system for the whole supply chain.

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