Farmers fear the market will become swamped with imports

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Farmers get TPP concessions to boost chances deal being ratified

By RJ Whitehead

In a move to placate farmers worried about the impact of increased imports as a result of the recently agreed Trans-Pacific Partnership free-trade agreement, Japan will be allowed to return its beef and pork tariffs to previous levels if imports jump.




By Mark Astley (マーク・アストレイ)


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Peptan collagen shows skin health benefits from within

By Stephen Daniells

Oral supplementation with collagen peptides may boost skin hydration by almost 30%, according to data from two double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trials on Asian and Caucasian women with different skin types.

The top three trends shaping Asian convenience retail


The top three trends shaping Asian convenience retail

By Nick Miles, IGD Retail Analysis

Leading convenience retailers in Asia generated more than US$130bn in sales in 2014, through a combination of higher sales from existing stores, as well as significant new-store expansion, according to research carried out by UK-based IGD Retail Analysis.This...