Tasters from the top cattle will determine a winner of the so-called Wagyu Olympics

Excitement builds for Japan's Wagyu Olympics

By Kathryn Wortley

Japan’s top cattle and meat producers are gearing up to compete in the country’s next ‘Wagyu Olympics’, the country’s premier beef cattle show, to be held in Sendai, Miyagi prefecture, on 7–11 September. 

Creekstone Farm exports Black Angus beef to Europe, South America and Asia

Premium meatpacker bought by Japanese trader

By Oscar Rousseau

US-based beef and pork supplier Creekstone Farms has been sold by Sun Capital Partners to Japanese trading conglomerate Marubeni Corporation for a fee thought to be $170m. 


Calbee resumes potato chip sales in Japan

By Gill Hyslop

Japan’s largest potato chip producer Calbee (with a 73% market hold) has restarted sales of the country’s most popular snack it suspended in April due to a severe potato shortage.

TNA opens new Tokyo office

TNA opens new Tokyo office

By RJ Whitehead

Processing and packaging major TNA has opened of a new office in Japan to host local technical support and sales staff.

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Japanese e-commerce site allows customers to choose by aroma

By RJ Whitehead

A Japanese company that designs and develops small odour-imaging sensors is in the final stages of testing what it claims to be the world’s first e-commerce website on which consumers can search and select products by aroma.