Bid to improve Shanxi vinegar industry with training scheme

Training scheme to boost Shanxi vinegar industry

By Jennifer Phang

The vinegar processing industry in Shanxi province has implemented a new training scheme to nurture more qualified vinegar practitioners in a bid to improve the industry.

China's functional beverage market growing

Chinese functional beverage market growing by 29%

By Jennifer Phang

Impressive growth in the Chinese functional beverage market looks set to continue as some national experts predict China to become the largest functional beverage market in 2012.

Indian dairy sector to be pegged at US$100bn by 2015: Report

Indian dairy sector to be worth US$100bn by 2015, says report

By Ankush Chibber

Thanks to a rapidly rising demand for milk and milk products, India’s dairy sector is expected to be worth US$100bn by 2015, said a study released by the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM).

Government work has boosted Thailand's organics market

Government support boosts Thai organic food industry

By Jennifer Phang

Thailand's organic industry is now a 400m Thai Baht business since the National Innovation Agency (NIA) started a government initiative in 2006 to help organic farmers and food production companies raise the level of their products and to hike up...

Singapore government pledges $45m to food manufacturing sector

Singapore invests $45m in food manufacturing

By Kacey Culliney

Singapore’s government has pledged funds over the next five years towards the country’s food manufacturing sector in a bid to improve productivity by 20%.

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