Celestial energy: Moon Juice Kombucha on infusing mystical tradition into quirky health brews

By Audrey Yow

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Microbrewery Moon Juice Kombucha says it is combining science and mystical tradition by brewing according to the lunar cycle, and creating drinks that aid digestion, boost hydration, and encourage detoxification. © Moon Juice Kombucha
Microbrewery Moon Juice Kombucha says it is combining science and mystical tradition by brewing according to the lunar cycle, and creating drinks that aid digestion, boost hydration, and encourage detoxification. © Moon Juice Kombucha

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Microbrewery Moon Juice Kombucha says it is combining science and mystical tradition by brewing according to the lunar cycle, and creating drinks that aid digestion, boost hydration, and encourage detoxification.

Drawing parallels to biodynamic farming and winemaking, Moon Juice Kombucha brews during the full moon and new moon phases. This adds a mystical vibe to their fun and quirky creations that fulfil three main purposes: They aid digestion through healthy acids and enzymes, boost hydration with electrolytes, and power detoxification by encouraging a good poop.

While these concepts might sound farfetched, the Singapore firm says there are practical and scientific aspects that can be applied to making and drinking kombucha.

Biodynamic farming adopts a holistic, ethical approach to agriculture. Brewing kombucha according to these principles involves adapting certain core practices to the business of making kombucha, as well as sustaining consumer interest.

“We use ​Old Farmer’s Alamanac as a rough guide to biodynamic farming, which is also practised in some organic winemaking and drinking communities, where people would drink certain wines on certain days of the week. Drawing parallels with these practices, we brew during the full and new moons so that the moon energies can power our brews. Before we moved on to the Gregorian calendar, we were all using the lunar calendar. Following the moon cycle allows us to listen to the rhythm of our bodies a little better,”​ said Moon Juice Kombucha founder Emily Loo.

Loo does not claim that kombucha or any other product is the sole remedy to modern day health issues. Instead, she advocates staying attuned to our body needs, which include proper hydration and efficient detoxification. To help customers with this, the brewery introduces the benefits of fermentation through fun and easy ways, such as providing starter kits for growing your own pet SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast), which is described as “a 100% edible alien – the live magic ingredient that turns sweet tea into tangy kombucha”.

“We want customers to have a good kombucha experience and to understand what they are drinking,”​ said Loo.

According to biodynamic farming practices, synchronising the brewing process with the lunar cycle will enhance the final product, leading to a good experience that includes nice flavours, the right potency and health benefits. Moon Juice Kombucha provides these by following another biodynamic principle – the use of clean natural ingredients.

Clean and natural ingredients for good health

Incidentally, Loo has observed a trend towards natural solutions for gut health.

“Our customers are looking for solutions to improve their pooping habits, digestion, and overall gut health. There seems to be a growing curiosity and interest in fermentation as well. So we share our fermentation notes and findings through workshops, EDMs and social media postings. Overall, our customers are also more particular about the sugar content in their beverages, so we keep our sugar levels as low as possible,”​ said Loo.

Ingredients in Moon Juice Kombucha drinks include naturally forming iron, a small amount of caffeine, and vitamin Bs that provide energy.

The natural acids and enzymes increase gut acidity to jumpstart the digestive system to aid digestion, and live probiotics keep the gut microbiome balanced, preventing constipation. The main compound glycosaminoglycan (GlcUA) in Kombucha aids detoxification by encouraging good pooping habits. 

Kombucha is also full of natural electrolytes and provides deeper hydration when paired with lots of water. Additionally, the polyphenols and acetic acid that are present in teas have been shown to inhibit the growth of undesirable bacteria and yeasts. Kombucha also contains antioxidants – like vitamin C, vitamin E, beta-carotene, and other carotenoids – that prevent the formation of harmful free radicals. 

Overall, the probiotics in kombucha Could help to regulate mood, alleviate stress, and promote better sleep, translating to better physical and mental wellbeing.

Moon Juice Kombucha is also vegan and does not use any synthetic ingredients. Only premium and fair-trade green and black tea are used for brewing, and the brew cycles are long so that acid interactions are not rushed, maximising the production of beneficial enzymes.

“We source our tea from family farms in Taiwan and Sri Lanka. And we use 100% natural fruits for our flavourings. There’s no need for preservatives as the product naturally preserves itself,”​ said Loo, who also focusses a lot on branding. This includes giving quirky labels and intriguing descriptions to showcase refreshing ingredients in the rainbow-coloured brews.

Big Sur, which references the rugged Californian coast that is known for its seaside cliffs and misty coastline, is a green spirulina drink that smells like the ocean and tastes like blueberries. Rocket Fuel is an orange-coloured energising kombucha packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties from lemongrass, ginger, turmeric, and galangal. Love Potion is a sweet, reddish, girly drink flavoured with raspberries and rose petals – drinking it may give you a boost of energy and courage to send out that love letter. Other concoctions include the passionfruit-flavoured Moon Pie, apricot-infused Moon Fairy and fizzy Earl Grey Lavender.

Practising biodynamic farming also means maintaining a clean, balanced environment. Moon Juice Kombucha embraces sustainability by encouraging customers to recycle the kombucha glass bottles either by dropping them off at recycling centres or repurposing them by storing other drinks. Also, its shop sells bundled offers with various kombucha flavours packed in colourful Jellybags – ultra thick and durable plastic bags that can be reused for anything ranging from gym practice and beach outings to grocery shopping.

Business strategy and future plans

Moon Juice Kombucha was founded in 2021 and emphasises consumer engagement by building a community of like-minded people.

Products are available on Amazon and via it's store in Singapore.

“Customers often bring their kombucha to the store for us to try. We’re also planning to organise a home brewing competition at the end of the year. We have a lot of fun brewing and selling kombucha, so we’re really excited when our customers love their kombucha projects too,” said​ Loo.

She also revealed a new product launch, the Kompresso machine, which is a kombucha dispenser. There are plans to make kombucha powders as well.

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