China poised to be world’s second biggest processing tomato producer

- Last updated on GMT

China is quickly gaining on Italy as the world’s second-largest tomato producer for processing, while California leads the way at number one.

While Italy produced 4m tonnes of tomatoes for processing in 2013, China is only around 200,000 tonnes behind and is on a growth curve that suggests the 2014 crop will top 5m after a period of decline. 

This means the country will reach—or even overtake—Italy’s forecast production. California's expected production of 12.2m tonnes, however, is unattainable. The other leading producing countries are Turkey, Spain, Iran, Brazil and Portugal, according to aWorld Processing Tomato Councilreport

World production of processing tomatoes has experienced a continuous decrease from 2009 to 2013, declining from 42.3m tonnes to the more modest figure of 33.2m tonnes last year. 

However, the world’s consumption trend seems to have settled at 38m tonnes, which is the production quantity forecast for 2014, according to the earliest indications. 

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